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This is troubling as a atmospheric scientist who works in Green Technology field that could potentially lose jobs because of this fool proposal. This is a perfect example why he should not be President. He said he wants to create jobs but he won’t be creating jobs by defunding green sector, he will only lead to more unemployment.

I research climate and look at models to forecast climate months and a year ahead. I also handle how climate change will play a role in how climate variability for green technology. I also look at past climate to present and see what places are best to install certain types of solar panels. I study the boundary layer of the atmosphere how this process affects renewable energy technologies.

Climate change is a serious problem that is ongoing so defunding the program is horrible. Problem with Trump and people like him who are old and near death is they don’t care. They figure they won’t be here for the chaos that will occur so why should they care. It shows how careless people are and only think the world revolves around them only and no one else. We are on our way to catastrophic disaster.