I had $21,000 taken from me on April 1, 1980 at LAX by 3 customs agents.

My lawyer told me they didn’t have to return it but he made a deal to get about half back to cover his fee + the $5K I had already paid him. I later regretted keeping this rep as we argued over many things during my felony trial for "making a false statement to a federal agent". I lied when customs asked me how much money I was carrying. They didn’t need to ask because they intended on searching my person (strip) and luggage throughly. So why did they ask? They wanted to catch me in a lie. And I was not warned that any lie was a felony. Now I know not to talk to any LEO about anything. At that time I was ignorant. I was convicted and fined $2K + 3 years probation. The whole ordeal cost me about $28K.

Note: These kinds of robbery/entrapment/unconstitutional stops have been going on for many decades, long before unconstitutional laws were passed to give the illusion of legality. The implication? Once force is granted to others for any purpose, no limits, no accountability are possible. Only a retraction of that grant will stop the injustice. In case you are not politically astute, the grant of a moral blank check to initiate force is called: govt.

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