Speaking on India's latest shot in the war against cash...

"In my opinion, this is going to be seen in the future as a natural disaster which wasn’t natural. Entirely man-made.

A humanitarian disaster which is going to unfold over the next year and have a very big impact in India. The ripple effect… as we’ve seen entire industries in India crawl to a halt, because employers are unable to pay employees, because employers are unable to buy food, because they are unable to pay for medical care and healthcare… Because they are unable to transact in any way, has been an absolute disaster in the short term. And will be a continuing disaster in the long term.

Make no mistake. This is an experiment that is being engaged on 15% of humanity as experimental subjects. If this experiment is successful, not in terms of how these people fare, but in terms of whether the aims of government are achieved, this experiment will be repeated. It will be repeated in many countries.

Just like the experiment of bail-ins and Cyprus was exported to many countries. And these experiments are accelerating. There is a global war on cash going on. We have reached that point in history, where it is within the grasp of world governments to once and for all eradicate cash. Cash being the ultimate, peer-to-peer, transparent, private form of money that allows individuals transact locally within in a community is now being eradicated in favor of digital transactions on platforms that allow for surveillance, control, confiscation, and negative interest rates.

And all of these things will follow very closely once cash is no longer part of the picture. That’s their hope.

Hopefully, you’ll join me in ruining that dream."

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