Photos: Japanese internment camps were a grave American mistake
Rian Dundon

Bit of personal history for you, Rian, perhaps it’ll widen your observations. The rascals that promoted this horror in Ca. were vile opportunists. They seized,stole, or appropriated almost all the assets of these citizens as well. 1962-I’m living in R.C. , CA and behind our house is a large greenhouse operation. It was owned by citizens of Japanese ancestry before 1941. Abandoned, sitting on blocks between two of the sheds lies a 1940 Cadillac coupe. I believe it sat there from the same time, the wheels had been taken off and it was left to rot. I lusted after the transmission, an unbreakable 3 speed used for hot rods. Before I was able to buy it the car vanished. I suppose some other kid had seen it and blabbed.

As to your article, The xenophobia continues, the scapegoat myth prevails, and the suspicion and victimization of “the other” is a handy tool for the politically aspiring. I find it troubling to read that many (Daesh) use the same tactics against Caucasians. No doubt we are and have been a savage race. Yet many of the wonderful things in our modern world were created by us. Don’t hate us, others, we’re not monsters to scare children with for the most part. And believe me, the disgust you feel is just as strong in us as in yourselves at the turn of government events and the huge arms buildup world-wide. Statistics show an improvement in lives overall, and there is hope that the mass of us will overcome the madness.

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