How to Live Like a Motherfucker
Amy Selwyn

This realization came to me after the summer of love; I shifted from S.F. to La Honda, then to a ranch in the Santa Cruz mountains where I stayed for 17 years. When urbanization and filthy lucre destroyed that, I moved to rural Missouri. Ignorance,ethnocentrism, and babarism galore. I live on the ouskirts of a small town, and wish I could go even further out. Seasons matter, when the birds come, when to start looking for eagles, listening to owls and coyotes, the turtle starting its annual ramblings. A few people are angels, just enough to make it bearable for the business of staying alive. One can still get lost on the prairie or untouched woods. And one can find silence, when the winds are not heard. I see the jets and I say “Don’t land, keep going, leave a little bit alone.”

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