For the good of the poor and common people: What Hillbilly Elegy gets wrong about Appalachia and…
elizabeth catte

We’re in the evolutionary moment just preceding the no need to be employed to make things, raise food, or wrest resources from the Earth’s grip. Welfare is a product of that event, the nascent stage of the furloughing of 99% of workers. Entertainment such as anime and V.R. present the idea that sooner rather than later we won’t require humans for that industry either, or Religion or Travel or just about any current human activity. People will be birthed, exist and be disposed of by automatons of some kind. Believe it, and adjust to a guaranteed income that allows existence at a basic level of consumption and ownership. Getting more will always involve the ruthless exploitation of circumstances, so over-achievers need not worry. They will be hamstrung by the necessary allocation of resources to those content to relax and live indifferent to the maxims of a bygone age.However, the 100 billion galaxies we’ve mapped so far do provide solace for the acquisitory fiends among us. Surely that ‘s enough?

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