There’s got to be a deeper meaning to life, but what is it and who sets it?
Two Funerals
Mateja Klaric

As I write this, I’m listening to this song “When You Come Back to Me” — it’s another example of “artists use lies to tell the truth.” In this case the truth is that we are both particle and wave.
At times we’re caught in the momentum of what is happening. Other times we’re a seemingly random particle that can go in any direction, or just as easily get swatted in another. Or as Mary Chapin Carpenter says, “sometimes you’re the windshield.. sometimes you’re the bug.”

Here’s the part that is both strange and wonderful — for whatever reason, by whatever design.. in all the animal kingdom we were given this blessing / curse called “choice.” In quantum mechanics they’ve shown how light behaves as both wave and particle depending on the way you observe it. That is, the very way we choose to look at something affects it — perception really is reality!

So, this is all a very roundabout way of saying that we create our purpose.. in each moment, in each situation.. and our “ultimate” purpose is the string of choices we’ve made along the way.

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