The Point of Art Is the Art Itself
Blake Powell

I’m conflicted, Blake — on one hand I agree with what you’re saying, that is this idea I call “kicking through the ball.” On the other I have to disagree and speak from experience that the money doesn’t take care of itself.

Yes, the “later” part is true, but as Jeff Goins points out in Real Artists Don’t Starve, it takes a series of healthier habits than artists traditionally develop. I’ve seen it around Hollywood where there’s plenty of those willing to take advantage of talented creatives working for “exposure.”

Usually, the argument is for postponing your creativity for “someday” while working 9 to 5. Now I think we’ve gone to the other extreme where many are convinced that they can be the “next American Idol” or Justin Bieber just because anybody with a smartphone can post videos on YouTube. If you love your art, then there’s really no risk. But first make sure your bills are paid.