7 Hard Truths About Building a Creative Career
Srinivas Rao

One of the biggest problems that persists is that we live in a time where “guarantees,” “no contracts” and “instant results” are the commodities sold.

Process and commitment just aren’t sexy, when held up next to these. It not only sounds like work. It’s offering blisters and grit, next to sexy people in swimsuits.

On the one hand this is what works for the Marines who are only looking for “a few good men.” (Have they changed this to include women? It’s been a while since I’ve looked..)

But the creative fields tend to attract people who are put off by typical work, and all we’re trying to sell them with the realities of process is more work. Those who promise a shortcut to the fun & games have an edge — if only to attract those who have a rude awakening coming.

Maybe the bigger question is how do we make sure that those willing to put in the work don’t waste their time with the gilded paths that promise creative gold?

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