Top Tools for Indie Creatives

Photo: Alejandro Escamilla via Unsplash

This is one of those articles I’ve been meaning to write. Although I’m not a big fan of list type writing, let’s face it — they have their place. So, here I share some of the top gear in my creative arsenal.

Photo: Google

Google Drive — definitely my “go to” app; I write most of my blog posts and content here before copying and pasting elsewhere. In fact, that’s where I am right now. But here’s something else I will do — I use my iPad app to upload photo’s where I’ve added text to post on Instagram.

Canva — whenever I want to format a photo for the different social media layouts (square for Instagram, wider for Facebook, still wider for Twitter, etc) I will create it in Canva. It’s lighter and more intuitive than Adobe Photoshop. I know that pro’s look down on it, but it gets the job done.

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YouTube — this is where I do so much of my research. If a picture speaks a thousand words, video amps it up even more. Likewise I’m constantly creating little pieces of helpful (hopefully) content — tutorials made through screen captures. Speaking of which..


Screen-Cast-O-Matic — funny name but this low-cost app will easily pay itself back. Besides making tutorial videos as mentioned I use it to create personal messages and even explainer videos for clients. It’s very simple and easy to use with most of the features you’ll need while being much more affordable than higher end solutions like Camtasia. (If you use this link, we both get 20% off the low price — winner, winner!)

via Audacity

Audacity — after I’ve created a video sometimes I will convert the MP4 file into an MP3. Why? One of the best uses is making a podcast for posting on SoundCloud. While it takes a bit of a learning curve, a lot of this app is pretty intuitive. And, of course..

via Maurizio Pala

SoundCloud — this is where I like to share audio content. One of the things that Indie Creatives need to realize is that we consume our content in many forms these days. Think about how you’re out and about — and how your audience is also going about their day. They may be in their car listening to you, at work on social media, clicking a post from a link..

via Wikipedia

Evernote — I have to admit that I don’t use this app nearly enough. While the basic way to use it is to save notes and clippings, I’ve also learned to record ideas using the voice recorder. Also it’s another great way to capture moments.

via Overdrive

Overdrive — when I go on walks, I love listening to audiobooks from local libraries. It’s a way to “read” while getting a bit of exercise and fresh air. Hearing some of my favorite authors brings another dimension to their words — it really makes their writing come to life. Best of all, it’s FREE!

via Blab

Blab — this has become my “go to” app for interviewing guests. Although it’s still in Beta and has its bugs, Blab is fairly robust in streaming video. After our interview, I will upload to YouTube then download to create the MP3 (see Audacity above) and produce a podcast. Later, I create a post with show notes. In other words, that one interview will create several pieces of content!

via Skype

Skype — I loved this communication app when it first came out. Then for a while other things took over. NOW I’ve fallen back in love with how they’ve improved the quality of calls. Often I will use this as fallback for communicating with clients. Plus, I use it with Evaer to record calls that can be made into podcasts.

So, these are my top 10 tools for indie creatives. What are some of yours?

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p.s. This was Day 11 of #My500Words challenge.