What’s Your Mutant Superpower?

John Chang
Feb 12, 2016 · 3 min read

Ok, I admit it. Before Comic Con became the hip event of the year that attracts A-listers, I was that geek in high school who saved up his hard-earned dollars from delivering pizza to get autographs and shake hands with our heroes.

But what struck me since I was a kid was how the X-men mutants each have a superpower that makes them special — Wolverine has his strength and crazy healing; Professor Xavier has his psychic abilities..

Yet, each is weaker alone. It’s only by combining their forces that they together become unstoppable.

A short while ago I learned that I’m a Catalyst. That means that I’m that guy who instigates things —or “combines passion with innovation.”

If you haven’t seen “How to Fascinate” from Sally Hogshead yet, check it out and see how to get your profile.

Sorry, if this sounds like an infomercial for Sally, but I love sharing great stuff that makes a difference. Remember, I’m a Catalyst!

But seriously, I’m not big about labels. This is less about that.

While we get hung on terms like “introvert” and “extrovert,” in reality it’s all about degrees. I mean, for years I’ve wondered why I consider myself an introvert yet I get a charge from getting in front of an audience.

If you’re like me, you might just be an ambivert!

More importantly, the danger of putting ourselves into neat little boxes is that we may be limiting ourselves. Sometimes we don’t realize that we’ve outgrown our past. We stay stuck like the elephant who was tied to a stake as a baby and doesn’t realize she can easily pull it out.

Using these ideas to better understand ourselves and to put these into action - that is what’s more important.

Since learning this idea about myself of being a catalyst, I’ve let go of a lot that was holding me back.

Before I used to struggle with why I was interested in coding or geeking out on marketing — but yet I was still fascinated by these ideas. Now I realize that sometimes like this cartoon

..“our weaknesses are just strengths in the wrong environment,” as Marianne Cantwell says.

Now I’m constantly looking for opportunities and areas where I can add value by being a Catalyst.

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