Why I’m Choosing to Fail This Year

So one of the things that I resolved to do was to write more often on Medium. I know, new year’s resolutions - the perfect recipe to start off 2016 with failure, right?


And one of the things that I’ve implored entrepreneurs - especially Indie Creatives - to do is to fail and fail more often, more quickly.

Because you can plan and learn and prepare, but there really is no substitute for getting into action mode.

So, it’s time to put my own words on the line..

Okay, periodically I’m going to write better prepared - more skillfully crafted pieces. But as part of the 500 Word Challenge inspired by Jeff Goins I’m going to kick things off with a very raw bit of writing.

That will be what these next 31 days will be here on Medium - I vow to show up and share what thoughts, words and ideas flow.

I’ll do my best to keep it real with minimal editing and filtering.. so for better or worse, we’ll see how much is readable and how much inspires your creative insights as well.

One of the pieces that I’m working on is about the Rise of Indie Creatives (link here is for the draft still in work..) Last year I started interviewing creative entrepreneurs with what I’ve coined with a friend George Ohan as “Indie Creatives” -

As I’ll share more in my article, these are individuals who are sharing their art to make a difference in the world while making a living. They are writers, film makers, musicians - dancers, singers, painters..

Some are successful; some are still struggling to find their voice. Most are still evolving in what they’re creative; others have some idea what inspires their best creativity. The one thing that they have in common is that indie creatives have to create whatever it is that they feel called to create.

Most of the time I struggle with the same challenges of indie creatives. We want to only put out our best work. The thought of others seeing what Brene Brown calls SFD - sh@*ty first drafts - makes us cringe.

So, these 31 days will put me to the test.

Here’s the other part about indie creatives - they’re warriors. Day in and day out, they do battle with the evil dragon known as Resistance that Steven Pressfield talks about.

It’s fought on so many levels that I think of it as a daily dance with the devil. Over time I realized that it’s captured in the hero’s journey, and it’s why movies like Star Wars move us.

Yes, “artists use lies to tell the truth..” and one of the deepest truths is that this journey is what we all face in our daily lives.

It’s why Indie Creatives fall flat on their face - bombing at a concert or walking out with a back full of arrows from trolls - and still they keep going. When Indie Creatives face this battle, they’re showing not only themselves but all of us the way to make our lives better.

THAT’s why we need them to fail. Through this struggle they’re transformed, and so are we. Because who you were got you to this point, but who you’re becoming will get you where you want to be.

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