Building a unified event stream on AWS

Leading up to Serverlessconf Austin this year we held the inaugural Serverless Architecture competition. The competition was launched to encourage people to share their Serverless Architectures.

Hello Retail by the team at Nordstrom is a well deserving winner of the competition.

What is Hello Retail?

Hello Retail is a proof-of-concept Serverless architecture for a retail store. The team at Nordstrom built the project to experiment with Serverless Event Sourcing.

Nordstrom is an early adopter of Serverless architectures. The team has built Serverless microservices for a number of production systems. The use cases for Serverless include API backends and stream processing.

Microservices allowed Nordstrom to…

Serverless has gained a lot of momentum over the last 18 months. A great community has enabled this growth by sharing their knowledge and experiences with others.

Serverless Architectures allow teams to focus on delivering solutions instead of managing servers. But, Serverless is still a new concept for many people.

We launched the ServerlessConf Architecture Competition to encourage people to share their knowledge. Sharing architectures helps the community learn from each other.

The Entries

We received a lot of great entries solving various problems using Serverless Architectures. …

As a developer working on a 100% serverless application, I find myself wanting more so I can do with less

Wish upon a star — from unspash

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is well known for listening to customer feedback. This has been evident in the features they have delivered for their Serverless platform.

But as a developer working on a 100% serverless application, I find myself wanting more.

Unfortunately I can’t fit all my requests into 140 characters. So I decided to write a blog post instead.


Code Storage Management

At A Cloud Guru we often hit the Lambda code storage limit (75GB). It happens often enough that I wrote a script to prune old versions of Lambda functions.

I would like to be able to increase our code…

Serverlessconf celebrates the pioneers of serverless by sharing experiences with the community so others can do more with less

Enabling A Serverless Mindset

A Cloud Guru believes that the future of business lies in leveraging serverless architecture. Do more with less, and focus on delivering creative solutions for your users.

Over the last 18 months, the growth of the serverless has been amazing — enabled by a great community who helped drive this expansion. To ensure the community continues to grow in the right direction, it essential that serverless pioneers share their knowledge and experiences with others.

Serverlessconf is a community led conference focused on sharing experiences building applications using serverless architectures.

How Do You Serverless?

Serverless architecture enable developers to express their creativity and focus on…

Designing AWS Lambda functions can be a frustrating experience. Each time you make a change, you have to deploy your code to AWS before you can test it. Well, my friend and I finally decided to do something about this.

The end result is the Serverless Simulate Plugin. This plugin is an AWS Lambda and API Gateway simulator for the Serverless Framework.

I’m going to walk you through how we built this and how you can start using it when you develop serverless apps.

Building an image processor on AWS Lambda

Meeting Jeff Barr at AWS re:Invent

I started working as a Software Developer Full-time in 2012. You build it, you run it was a core value of our small team. But, I knew nothing about servers. I soon had to learn about subnets, load balancers, database clusters and more to support the code I wrote. For me, building software that solves problems is fun, managing servers isn’t.

In early 2016 I attended an AWS meetup. At this meetup, Sam Kroonenburg spoke about how he built A Cloud Guru with a Serverless Architecture on AWS. It blew me away. …

AWS is developing services that bring compute to the edge

Last week I sat in a room with thousands of other people at the AWS Re:Invent Keynote. We all wanted to learn of the new and updated AWS services and how each announcement would affect us.

We saw a continued focus on Compute with announcements for EC2, ECS and Lambda. We also saw the addition of compute in Snowballs and on IoT devices. Developing services that bring compute to the edge is an interesting direction from AWS.

A Summary of the Thursday Keynote by Werner Vogels

The Keynote by Andy Jassy yesterday was packed with updates and announcements. I was most excited by the new Amazon AI and IoT services.

But the most notable omission from yesterday was updates to the Lambda platform itself. So I had great expectations for the announcements today.

Werner Vogels did not disappoint. We saw a range of great announcements for developers on AWS.

A Summary of the Wednesday Keynote by Andy Jassy

After two big days of sessions and events at AWS re:Invent, Wednesday started with the first of two general keynotes. There was an air of excitement for the first round of announcements by AWS CEO, Andy Jassy. We saw a wide range of announcements for infrastructure and platform services.

The announcements I’m hoping to unwrap

AWS re:Invent is just around the corner. AWS re:Invent is the global conference for Amazon Web Services. I am lucky enough this year to be going with the A Cloud Guru team. I am excited as this will be the first time I have attended.

I am looking forward to meeting people that I have connected with in the Serverless community. The people I talk to about Serverless on GitHub, forums or in Slack live right across the globe. AWS re:Invent will be a great opportunity to meet people face to face.

AWS uses re:Invent to announce new services and…

John McKim

SVP of Product & Engineering at A Cloud Guru, Serverless enthusiast, writer, cyclist, terrible gardener.

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