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Interesting study I read a few years back that Stanford conducted that demonstrated the implicit biases we all hold in a number of categories, including racism. In the U.S. in particular, our history, the social norms that have developed over a long period of time and the reinforcement of these norms through popular media all conspire to make implicit racism, in particular when directed at dark skinned people particularly insidious. These influential factors are so powerful, if I remember the study correctly, that even people with dark colored skin hold the same biases against others with dark colored skin. Here is a link from Mother Jones Magazine that references the study:

My take away, and an area that I would be most interested in learning more about, is that because I am a member of the dominant group (in my case being a member of at least two dominant groups, being male and Caucasian) I have a particular obligation to develop a stronger awareness of this bias and how it informs my actions. Can anyone point me to more research about dominant group blindness? And thank you Ms. King for the enlightenment.