The Most Interesting Food-Related News — August 2017

I read all the food, beverage, and CPG (consumer packaged goods) news so you don’t have to! Here’s what happened last month and why it matters:

Big Company Moves:

Amazon is again top of mind as they cut prices at Whole Foods in a move nearly everyone expected. Still hilarious to see Alexas being sold at the entrance of the store as “Farm Fresh.” Lower prices are making things harder for rival stores like Trader Joe’s, Kroger, and Safeway, who were already struggling to compete with Amazon in an increasing number of categories. Read more.

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Mmmmm, I love the smell of fresh IoT devices in the morning!
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Startup Moves:

CNBC titled a group of investors the “vegan mafia” due to their taste for plant-based deal flow. I love that this space is getting more positive attention these days. Increasingly, improved unit-economics are driving these companies towards profitability as opposed to merely a social mission, which means both the world and investors win. Ryan Bethencourt and Seth Bannon both got nice shout-outs for their work in the space thus far. Read more.

Interesting Data:

The dating app Hater, which matches potential couples based on their mutual dislikes, released this graphic of what foods are most disliked in each state. Read more.

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Definitely some political concerns expressed here (see California).

New Technology:

Kabaq shared a demo of an Augmented Reality food menu that you view with your iPhone. With the app, you see virtual 3D food on your table
in the restaurant or when ordering online. Kind of a gimmick if you ask me, but it will have some novelty the first few times around.

Beautiful Design:

The Dieline put together a great roundup of Black & White packaging designs. There are some really striking images in there, I highly recommend checking it out. See all the designs here.

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Just Funny:

Heinz Introduces New Quick-Recovery Sports Ketchup — The Onion

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Co-founder of @Soylent, was CTO there for ~5 years. I write about technology, marketing, ecommerce, food, productivity, and anything that can be hacked.

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