I Interviewed Over 150 Video Experts About How to Stand out in a Super Crowded Market; Here’s What They Said

Online video is having a moment.

YouTube. Instagram. LinkedIn. Twitter.

Just about every social platform is embracing online video.

Just a few years ago, online video was clunky and difficult to use in marketing.

But today, consumers are favoring online video and communicating by video is quickly becoming the most popular and effective means of reaching your audience, customers, or clients.

At the same time, recent advances in technology have made online video more accessible than ever.

Companies large and small are now putting out video to generate clients, referrals, and brand awareness.

And with the proliferation of online video, videography has never been more popular, and video marketing agencies are experiencing a renaissance.

The struggle, of course, is how these video agencies and videographers can stand out, given the amount of fierce competition.

How do you truly differentiate yourself when there are so many others doing what you do?

It’s a great question, and to get to the bottom of it, we reached out to over 150 top video agency owners, video marketing experts, and videographers to ask them how they stand out in such a competitive marketplace.

They came back with a solid list of “best practices” in how to make your company stand out — whether you produce video or not.

No two answers were exactly the same, and it’s clear there are many different ways to stand out and differentiate yourself, even in a competitive marketplace. You can learn a lot from these answers, no matter what kind of business you do.

Here is what they said…

Scott Indermaur, Indermaur Media


What makes your company stand out? Indermaur Media stands out because of its 25-years of diverse experience with editorial, corporate and commercial projects around the world. I’ve created a team that works hard, has a strong vision and truly enjoys what they are doing. So we have fun.

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Ivan Korsakov, Korsakov TV — Sports Videography

What makes your company stand out? For the college sports highlight videos that I am doing, I try to bring the storytelling component, with music reflecting the mood (win/loss), accent on pivotal moments, etc.

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Vladimir Dasic, Vuk Multimedia


What makes your company stand out? Mindset. Instead of looking for a way to charge as much as possible and making quick profit, we focus more on what can we do for our clients so we don’t break their budget and still give them amazing results.

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Michael McCune, Huston Patterson Printing Company

Videographer / Pre-Press Technician

What makes your company stand out? In 2018, we launched a client focused infotainment video series for social media that has raised the bar for packaging printers. We have been in business for more than 115 years and are the longest-standing package printer in North America. Our longevity and success are rooted in our attention to client needs.

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Malik Davis, Davis & Co. Productions

Videographer, Editor, Director

What makes your company stand out? What makes me stand out as a freelance videographer, is that I’m not doing this for a paycheck. I do it because I love being creative and telling stories through a visual medium.

It’s something that I am passionate about, because it’s not always about the money it’s about impacting people’s lives — whether it’s filming music videos, live concerts, a Netflix series, films, etc. I’ve always found more satisfaction creating and crafting something GREAT than just piecing clips together for a paycheck.

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Mark Schmukler, Sagefrog Marketing Group

CEO and Co-Founder

What makes your company stand out? As a modern marketing agency, we live in the world of new media. Sagefrog’s mission is to accelerate client success through brand building and integrated marketing, and therefore, we use new media to not just communicate our mission, but to show potential clients how we can use these same channels to promote their own businesses. Some of the top ways we use new media to promote our mission is through digital, video and social media marketing. LinkedIn continues to be our most successful use of new media, using paid opportunities like LinkedIn sponsored content and InMail to reach our target audience with our message.

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Tony Marino, N.W.E.R Media Group (Nothing is Wrong Everything is Right)


What makes your company stand out? Our willingness to explore and experiment with new forms of visual expression. We strive to create engaging content that tells compelling and relatable stories. We collaborate with a wide range of clients throughout the field of art, in the hopes of inspiring and uplifting other creatives. We wholeheartedly want to establish the next movement in arts and entertainment, and the journey starts today.

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Claus Harding, C.H.A. Productions


What makes your company stand out? Having a good understanding of media history, both in terms of visual storytelling and of psychological impact, helps me write, shoot, and suggest ideas to clients for editing. There will always be new trends, but unless you know the past, you don’t really “know” the present.

Technology is a tool which is constantly changing. Storytelling, in whatever form it takes, is timelessly appealing to the human heart. I help the client get to their “core story” and to spell it out. I shoot and edit it, sharing with them a sense of perspective about its place in the moment, be it online, in a corporate setting or in a theatre.

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Alex Belville, Mirrorless Productions


What makes your company stand out? Our cinematic approach to creating videos for our clients is a big part of what makes Mirrorless Productions stand out. It’s the energy & passion we bring, our way of storytelling, and our knowledge in branding that is the other part.

We don’t just make videos. We create mini-movies for our clients, and coach them on launching the videos to create successful marketing campaigns. Creating videos is our main focus, but the videos we’re being hired to make are for a specific purpose: to bring more sales to a business, increase attendance for an upcoming event, or be the face of a new website launch.

We strive to be multifaceted for our clients. When they choose us as their video production company — they’re choosing to create videos that will not only inspire, but drive sales and be a huge return on investment.

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Christopher Bake, Table 8 Productions


What makes your company stand out? Mainly I stand out through my story. I turn down more jobs than I take and only take those that sound like fun or I believe in. Or I work on developing projects for myself or other veterans I know that are trying to pursue film.

I’m almost twenty years older than those on the same level of skill that I am and it’s a hard road. But I’ve also seen these kids hit hard times and give up. I’ve lived in hard times most of my adult life so hitting a set back professionally in filming isn’t a big deal.

I have the ability to dedicate to every project for a client like it was my own because I view every project as a new business card that will not only help my client but also myself.

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Chang Park, CHP FILM

CEO and Executive Director

What makes your company stand out? We are a company that puts artistic integrity first. We not only offer a service of transplanting your ideas onto any screen, but we provide a place of creativity and growth.

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Jason Hampden, J. Hampden Photography


What makes your company stand out? I’ve gone through plenty of transitions in my business but I ultimately always return to the core of it all. I believe in growing organically while focusing my attention on the client 100% of the time. There is a mentality behind focusing on every client that you may have. There is no difference between a big client or small one. All clients are treated the same with the same level of detail and attention as if it’s my very first project with excitement and enthusiasm.

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Stephen Massar, Stephen Massar


What makes your company stand out? What makes me stand out is being able to offer a high production value for being a one-man operation. I keep up with the latest equipment and software and can offer my clients a lot of bang for their buck. We are in the golden age of cameras and also the age of self-made creators so I do my best to take advantage of these things.

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Zach Gaddis, From A to Z Films

Co-Owner of From A to Z Music

What makes your company stand out? What makes “From A to Z Films” standout is the level of personalism that we give to our partners. We work around tight budgets, frenzied schedules and life struggles to deliver the best product that we both agree on. There’s no gimmicks with us. No hidden fees or overpriced production tactics! Most importantly, we’re a multifaceted company that first specializes in music, so there’s an opportunity for From A to Z to be a “one-stop-shop” to all that comes our way!

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Carly Kutsup, CreativeKolour Media

Sole Proprietor

What makes your company stand out? Since I was a high school TV Production & Photography teacher for 12 years, in addition to photo and video services, my company also provides private lessons that are customized to each individual.

Additionally, in my work, I try to capture each individual’s personality in my photos through getting to know my client on a more personal basis.

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Juan Pablo Castro, Juan Pablo Castro

Photographer & Videographer

What makes your company stand out? I think I have a very specific modern eye, specially when it comes to fashion and Art. I don’t hesitate to push the envelope, always bringing new ideas to the table.

My vision is influenced by industrial, eccentric and futuristic ideas. My life is surrounded by art which have me expanding my mind constantly.

Being an industrial designer made me interested in shape and color which I use to create stories through my lens with rich characters and situations that make the ordinary, extraordinary.

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Drew Pulley, Drew Pulley

Freelance videographer

What makes your company stand out? Meetings with my clients. Listening to their stories and getting to know them as friends and not as acquaintances.

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John Yaworsky , Nimble Digital Media

Executive Producer

What makes your company stand out? I have an extremely wide range of experience from feature films, commercials and broadcast to documentaries, high end corporate, non profit and higher ed. A deep bench of collaborators around the world along with my bedside manner and a sense of humor are chief differentiators from my competition.

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Ron Berg II, Midnight Reflections Video Productions


What makes your company stand out? Professional quality cameras have come down in price, just about anyone has the tools to create high-quality video. Heck, Hollywood just filmed a feature-length movie using a popular mirrorless camera which is within the reach of the average consumer. However, having the gear is one thing, and having the skills to use it well is another.

If there is anything which separates me from others, it may be my maturity and being a retired Special Forces soldier. Through a career in that part of the military, a person learns to anticipate situations and prepare for them.

For example, a YouTube style video may require some over the top transitions and effects which may be undesirable in a corporate film. It’s really just gaining knowledge of what a client needs and delivering a video which suits their brand style. It’s not rocket surgery, but having a little maturity lends a bit of insight into what a client might really be after even if they haven’t said as much.

Also, having gone back to University at a late age I also received some insight into what appeals to younger generations. I’m no expert, nor am I clairvoyant, but a little insight can go a long way into creating the type of video a client wants or needs.

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Paula Morandarte, Paula Morandarte, LLC

Owner/ Camera Operator

What makes your company stand out? My company stands out because I always make time to meet with my client before filming their project. I’m very transparent with my capability and I lay my cards to them if I can do the project or not. I dont give false expectations to them.

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Steven Burkhart, Burkhart Creative Agency


What makes your company stand out? My business is intended to be used as the marketing department of a small/medium size business rather than just a project based hire. We do what is needed by our clients but our belief is that a holistic approach to their marketing needs from content creation to final ad placement is important for maximum impact. 
Additionally, it is our video work. Video creation is my creative outlet and passion and I believe that shows and will continue to improve and shine as we work with clients. Not only is simply quality a pursuit but also developing a good communication flow for a mutual understanding of the final product and the process that will get us there. We excel at making the heart of the companies we work with clear and creative to the end viewer.

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Ashley Martens, Ashley Martens Media Group


What makes your company stand out? Ashley Martens Media Group is Chicago’s Digital Marketing Agency for all things health & wellness, with an emphasis on the Natural Foods Industry, which makes us stand out among others in the field.

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Andrew Biesen, Andrewbiesen.com

Producer & Entrepreneur

What makes your company stand out? Being an independent contractor in Chicago can be tricky at times. The way to stand out is to well, prove that you belong to be here. Over the years as a Producer and Coordinator I started recognizing the market gaps on the rental side of the film industry, and decided to help Chicago stand out.

Instead of blowing my paychecks partying like most 20 year olds, I kept buying production gear and subleasing to other rental houses.

My approach to standing out is to be multifaceted. If you work hard, people will see. If you keep up the hustle, people will know.

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Charles Musselwhite, Musselwhite Marketing


What makes your company stand out? One way we work to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace is by continual improvement. We spend a lot of time, effort and money every month to stay up on what’s working, what isn’t and what’s coming.

We also actively look for problems our prospects, customers and clients are experiencing so that we can provide them cost effective and efficient solutions.

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Chris Fulton, FTV Productions


What makes your company stand out? FTV Productions is a full service production company specializing in videography and 3d motion graphics. What sets us apart from our competition is our attention to detail and timing in all of our editing projects. I have been a musician for over 30 years and believe that timing the shots along with music is one of the most important elements to sell the emotion of each video, and keep the viewer interested.

While other editors let bad cuts slip through the crack, we would rather have less footage than a meaningless filler. We work closely with our clients to captivate the vision they have, and offer creative suggestions to bring the best performance to life. In addition to commercials, we have been chosen for live broadcasting large events, working with Veterans and other organizations such as Bras For a Cause.

Additionally, we have created videos for municipalities showcasing local cities from the ground and sky. We use the Adobe Creative Suite for editing, and Cinema 4d, Maya and Houdini for 3d works.

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Barry Cohen, AdLab Media Communications, LLC

Managing Member

What makes your company stand out? AdLab functions as an ad agency, as a PR firm, as an audio-video production company and as publishing consultants for thought leadership — all in-house. We established ourselves day number one (20 years ago) with a specialty niche serving emerging brands of natural products — companies that make things that are kid-safe pet-safe, eco-friendly and body-friendly.

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Greg Brown, Oxymoron Productions


What makes your company stand out? The biggest thing that differentiates videographers is how well they deliver on what they promised their client. All of us have similar skill sets, but the hard part is making sure that clients get what they were expecting in a reasonable time frame at a rate that falls into their budget.

Too often I hear about video projects that just don’t happen because a videographer is charging market rate to a client who can’t afford market rate. It is safe to dip below market rate from a business perspective as long as you are up front about what sacrifices will be made in the project to save time in order to meet lower budgets. That can only be done by lowering the total number of hours working on a given project, and that means scaling back the grand vision to something realistic.

Going over an estimated quote and charging more can cost a videographer more business in the long run as clients remember when they were overcharged by someone, even if that’s only slightly more than the original estimate. That extra fee just isn’t worth it in terms of client relationships.

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Nick Freud, CampusReel


What makes your company stand out? CampusReel solves the inherent inequities in the college search process by crowd-sourcing authentic video campus tours from college students throughout the country and world. We pride ourselves on raw, authentic video content that is designed to give college applicants the single most informative, engaging, and dynamic college search experience possible, all from the comfort of their homes.

We believe that time, money, and resources should no longer be limiting factors in the college search process, and our network of student storytellers have taken immense pride in making our vision of equal access a reality.

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Hannah Lapiska, Talent Network, inc.

Digital Content Coordinator

What makes your company stand out? In our 29 years of business, talent network, inc. has been involved in the changes, growth and evolution of videography and digital media. We are guided by leadership with backgrounds in television and video production, specializing in live and scripted entertainment.

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John Kringas, ProductXposure


What makes your company stand out? ProductXposure, specializes in high volume product photography solutions, delivering to exact client’s needs on time and on budget, at your warehouse or distribution center or our Chicagoland studio.

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Thomas Hengge, Thomas Hengge Media


What makes your company stand out? What helps me stand out — or at least what I have been told by those I’ve worked with — is my personal approach to clients. Everyone I work with is a priority, and my primary concern when beginning a new project, or taking on a new client, is that they are comfortable working with me. To do so I seek to understand a client’s desires, and always take their needs, concerns, critiques, etc., into account when taking steps forward.

My turnaround time is also why I maintain the clients I have. At times, depending on the project, I can to shoot and have a video ready the very same day.

My specialization is social media video content with a focus on capturing the essence of a subject, or brand, with quick and concise content that communicates branding messages in less than a minute. I also have experience with longer documentary-style pieces.

Overall, I am extremely passionate about video storytelling and bring enthusiasm to every project, regardless of the industry.

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Katie Curtis, Inspired Video Marketing


What makes your company stand out? Many wonderful videos have beautiful shots, well executed edits, and compelling storylines yet there is still something missing. We overlook something crucial about life when trying to capture the most “perfect” experience.

That something is the human element. As humans we make mistakes, we act in flawed ways and sometimes we just have to laugh at ourselves. That reality is far more real, solid, and relatable than the perfection we think we must show.

There’s a place for “professional perfection” and there is a place for “raw and real”.

I like to believe that Inspired Video Marketing is marrying, or working out how to best marry the two to deliver the most honest and beautiful way of experiencing this world.

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Bree Holcombe , Po3 Productions, LLC

Executive Producer/Talent

What makes your company stand out? Power of 3 productions is a multimedia production company with a focus on film and new media content. Founded in Glendale, Colorado in 2014 Po3’s intent is to work as a beacon of creative efforts, while connecting the world through international film incentives.

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Tj Kolesnik, Tj Kolesnik Media

Creative Director / Videographer / Editor

What makes your company stand out? What makes us stand out in today’s noisy world of content creation is one simple factor: patience. The clientele I’ve been honored to work with has given me an opportunity to excel in the work-field to create the best of the best work.

Anywhere from product to travel and even short documentary series, the content creation is limitless. Patience is the number one thing I keep as a consistent reminder in my life to keep level-headed, ambitious, hungry and motivated.

Ideas are just ideas until we execute on them.

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Lina Bonda, Lina Bonda Creative Arts

Owner, Photographer and Videographer

What makes your company stand out? I would say my desire to go the extra mile. Whether that was making a tri-fold poster for a book report in school rather than the required quick summary or as simple as showing up to work 10 minutes early, they taught me that one of the most important things was to go the extra mile.

I believe it’s one of the most crucial factors that have contributed to my success. Now it’s just my automatic way of thinking and I’m so grateful to them for that. I am ALWAYS trying to go the extra mile for my clients… and it shows!! Something that doesn’t mean much to you could end up meaning the world to them. When in doubt — go the extra mile!

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Perry Petersen, Perry Media


What makes your company stand out? I think what makes my media stand out from the competition is that the field I am working in at the moment. Collegiate Esports is a brand new area that keeps growing and the amount of time that I have been putting into filming, editing, and content creation is almost unmatched in the collegiate Esports world.

I believe that this realm of work is very important for the future of collegiate esports as a whole and am grateful to have the opportunity to work in the scene with players, coaches and most importantly, the community. It takes motivation, passion, patience, and the willing to learn which I know I have.

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Matt Mikka, Carbon 12

Producer (film)

What makes your company stand out? I’m a Maverick in the film industry and I love using emerging digital technologies to go beyond anything that has been done before, pushing the limits of the best equipment on earth beyond its capabilities, I live to make history. The fact that film is visual means the results of my hard work and extreme amount of effort are appreciated as soon as someone watches, no explanation needed.

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Kellan Maxwell, MP Productions


What makes your company stand out? Our company stands out by our prices. We grew up with internet and social media all around us, so that means we know what catches people’s eyes! We learned recently just how many videographers will overprice their material and the final look to their project just does not match their price. So that is where we come in and have great material for a much more affordable price. That’s what so great about starting out too!

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henrY Leiter, : henrY Leiter Foto

Founder | Storyteller | Content Creator | Photographer

What makes your company stand out? What makes my company stand out is me. The way I connect with my clients and my subjects is what is unique to my business. I work with them as though we are friends on a journey together to accomplish our goals.

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Erik Berglund, Erik Berglund Photography

Videographer / Editor / Owner

What makes your company stand out? I film live performance videos of musicians around Austin. The style is different than the other videography out there in that I use a wide angle lens and get super close to the performers. I also have a camera stabilizer which gives it very smooth movement.

All of the performances are long takes, so no cutting from one shot to the next. I originally bought all of the equipment in order to do real estate video tours, but the company that trained me had little work, so I applied it to music performances. I am a piano player and singer myself, and doing videos has kept me involved with the local music scene.

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Jacob Ruth, JacobGRuth


What makes your company stand out? What makes me stand out from the rest is the heart and reason why behind I work and the relational aspect that I bring. I create for others because I want to help them in a way that they possibly can’t and help them bring their dreams/ideas to life. I try very hard not to be selfish or arrogant or to put myself above them. I take their advice and ideas and try my best to make sure it’s included someway, somehow.

If there is anything I’ve learned it’s that when a job is more relational and less about just getting a job done for a client, the end product is far better.

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Vincenzo Landino, Aftermarq

Co-founder and Chief Strategist

What makes your company stand out? Our focus is on helping brands to tell their story in a creative and visually appealing way. Less corporate, more emotion. Aftermarq provides our clients with a top notch visual and audio experience from planning to post-production and beyond.

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Sophie Hoover, Sophie Hoover Productions

Videographer and Editor

What makes your company stand out? Even though the instinct for professional creatives is to be able to do anything, you really have to specialize yourself in order to make your work stand out. I am a videographer and editor who specializes in documentary-style and journalism video production so I always make sure that my work follows that dynamic.

Having a unique style that completely separates you from the norm makes it harder to start out, but you will always find the clients who have been looking for you the whole time.

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Steve Weinshel, Loica

SVP-Development / Executive Producer

What makes your company stand out? We are in a creative business. While creativity is subjective, for any given thing we create/produce the collective perception of the quality of that work is going to determine a creative business’ opportunity to continue into the future.

We have existed for 13 years because we are perceived as doing high quality creative work. So ultimately, we stand out because of the quality of the imagery we create.

Most of our clients have many projects going at once that involve lots of details that are in a constant state of flux. They have an interest in having questions answered and problems solved so they can put an issue behind them and move on mentally to the next detail on their list.

Our consistently quick response to inquiries and problem solving creates both conscious and subconscious relief for our clients that many of them have made clear they appreciate.

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Federico Fianchini, Videobites


What makes your company stand out? I do not come from any commercial or entrepreneurial environment, but from humanistic studies. So I always put something mine in the projects I do, something which comes from the research I have done and I still do.

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Steven Curtis, XyVector Media Services


What makes your company stand out? I have a long history of expertise and it results in individual attention to client details. I become part of your work, ask probing questions, and help take each one of my clients as far in the realm of media that they desire to go.

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Jack Holloway, Full Immersion Creative


What makes your company stand out? What makes our company stand out is the style of immersive video we produce. It gives the viewer a much greater sense of involvement in the event that would otherwise be from a spectator’s perspective.

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Zach Cooper, ZSC Productions

Owner- Videographer- Editor

What makes your company stand out? We really take the time to connect with our clients on a personal level. There are too many production houses that run their business like machines and we believe connecting with your client is key to shaping a vision with them, it adds a touch of personality into all of our work that our clients really love.

We also strive to create the most unique visuals at any means necessary, with top notch equipment and editing/coloring techniques that sets us apart from others.

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Joseph Sloan, Advice Media

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

What makes your company stand out? I think a lot of agencies or video experts miss the mark on understanding the purpose of a video and how to leverage that content correctly. You should never produce a video because it’s good for SEO or because you think you are supposed to. You should create videos with a single purpose that has tailored content for a user in a specific stage of the buyer’s journey (awareness, consideration, decision, or delight).

The other piece is leveraging content. We are creating videos for employee training but much of that content can be repurposed into an educational boot camp for our clients.

Let me know if you’d like me to expand on any of my answers. I’m also available for a phone interview if needed.

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Chris Monaghan, Crave the Agency

Partner, Creative

What makes your company stand out? We’re a cross medium, boutique, content creation agency with full service photography & video production capabilities. We specialize in capturing hunger inducing still and moving assets for brands, agencies, and restaurants.

We live to develop concepts, ideate, storyboard, and pitch, but we’re also happy to simply share our expertise in turning your content needs into efficient and engaging productions. We always strive for more. — more content to entice your consumers, more variety, more consistency for your brand, more efficiency, more creativity, and more cost effective assets.

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Natalie Noble, NR Media Agency

Owner and CEO

What makes your company stand out? What makes NR Media Agency stand out is the fact that our mission is to service small businesses in Chicago and other cities who have great products or services but can not afford the larger corporations fees for marketing.

This is important because as a start up entrepreneur, money and growth are the key factors. If we approach you with an affordable budget for marketing with the amount of growth you have been looking for, then it saves so much time and stress and allows for you to focus on the things that truly matter; your business

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Ramon Freriks, EVA Explainer Video Agency


What makes your company stand out? The important thing that makes us stand out from ‘traditional’ explainer video agencies is that we use existing images / backgrounds / characters and their animations in our videos. This way we skip a very time consuming and thus expensive step of creating a video. 
This is why we are popular among SMEs and even larger companies looking to make more videos because they are not willing to pay $4000+ per single video.

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Michael Vanderveen, Imaginem Productions


What makes your company stand out? I think there’s only two things that can set any videographer apart and that’s their work and their personality. Like, pricing is really set by your market, there are limited applications for the medium, and great customer service shouldn’t set you apart- that should be the norm.

So that being said in a world of trendy color grading styles and over exposed footage — I think we offer a strong color rich product that doesn’t chase trends. I believe in offering a final product that won’t fall out of style in a year, something that has longevity and can be used for over the long term without it getting that dated look.

Trends fall out too quickly and become markers of when a video piece was made, right? Like if you see selective color in a video you think to yourself “Oh no look at this poor soul”. And I know I said personality is the other thing that sets a videographer apart but I learned a long time ago not to comment on my own personality, I’ll leave that to people who deal with me.

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Sam Hakes, George Mason University


What makes your company stand out? A university is a great place for any aspiring video marketing professional to get his/her start. Unlike other in-house marketing gigs a university has a lot of verity, one day I’m making a TV commercial, the next day I’m off filming scientists on a boat, the next I’m creating some silly Instagram stop motion story. I love the creativity and that’s why I’ve stuck with it for a number of years.

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Juwann Nelson, WannMillion Company


What makes your company stand out? I would say that the way we can tell your story will be unique but also accurate. We believe that EVERY person & business has a unique story to tell, and it’s our job to tell it while keeping everything in your best interest. Many people can make a nice video, but can you make it a meaningful one?

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Mariah Harkey, Mariah Harkey Videography

Videographer & Content Creator

What makes your company stand out? It’s one thing to be able to tell a good story through video, buts it’s another thing to be able to tell a good story through video while having a deep understanding of social media marketing.

I think that my work stands out because I am able to filter what I am shooting in-field to follow the marketing goals of the company I am shooting for, whether that be through interview audio, subliminally adding the logo in places throughout the film or with the text that I write. And because I am so familiar with social media, I quickly understand how to edit videos to live on different platforms. I mean, the same video that you put on Facebook might not always be the best option for your other social platforms. You have to take the time to know what those different audiences like, and modify accordingly.

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Elizabeth Kraus, The Marketing Desks

Co-Founder, President

What makes your company stand out? Our team focuses on hands-on learning. We do classes to educate our clients, so they know how to use video as part of their everyday business and even how to create their own videos. We can then step in if they need larger video projects done or want to elevate them to a higher level. We build relationships before we offer services.

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Tim Stockman, Blue Dog Video


What makes your company stand out? I think there are 2 major qualities that make Blue Dog Video special: Our storytelling and our ability to create relationships with clients. There is an art to crafting a story and message around the video that you shoot. Every person and every company has a story, and it is my job to tell it in a clear and compelling manner.

In order to do this, you need to have the trust of your client and the subject. This is where the relationship part comes in. When a client truly trusts you and respects your creative vision, they allow you to really connect with the video you are creating. Both of these factors really come into play when I am conducting interviews.

The bulk of the people I put on camera are not professional actors. Some of them are facing the lens for the very first time. It’s my job to ask the right questions and weave everything together into a compelling piece of video.

Blue Dog is a relationship company. Most of my very first clients are still with me today (8 years later). Not all of them are huge clients, but we continue working together on great projects year after year. I love every minute of it, every client, and every frame of video.

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Joel Freedman, 2 Hungry Dogs Productions


What makes your company stand out? The real thing that makes 2 Hungry Dogs Productions stand out (other than the dogs) is that we take a true marketing approach to creating videos for our clients.

We seek out what problems our clients customers are trying to solve, and make sure to position our client as the right solution for those problems.

But we don’t stop at creating the video, because it doesn’t matter how great the video is if nobody ever sees it. We help our clients position their videos where their new customers are actively seeking their services, but don’t yet know about them.

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Trish Olguin, Trishography Portraits

I’m owner, operator and photographer

What makes your company stand out? The main things that make my company stand out is my creativity with my artistic vision and my packages all being flat rate priced with a CD with all of the edited images included at no extra cost. Unlike portrait studios and other places I don’t charge extra for blemish removal.

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Chase Turnbow, Chase Me Films

Executive Producer

What makes your company stand out? We have a marketing first approach to help our clients develop an effective message for the right audience. Many production companies create videos that looks good, but few are willing to focus on their client’s ROI before shot composition. We believe strategy should come before pressing record!

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Jared Brashier, Wayne Enterprises

Creative Director

What makes your company stand out? My work generally stands out from the crowd in the space I work in because of my personal style. I’m Colin Wayne’s personal video creator, and create a lot of videos related to business and entrepreneurship. In general, no real cinematic style has found its way into this area yet, and I’ve started to bring that along with me. My background is in sports videography, and creating cinematic videos for NBA players and college athletes, so I’ve been able to translate a lot of what I did into my video work in the business space and really shake things up there.

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Jaelynn Holderness, Jaelynn Studios

Beginning Freelance Videographer

What makes your company stand out? I understand what needs to be done and I do it. When I produce my content I feel so excited and sometimes I don’t know what to do. Being a creative person and doing so much work it shows A, Passion, and B. It shows you how much work there is and gives you respect for other filmmakers out there.

My company is small and I am the only one who does it, however, doesn’t change the fact of how much work goes involved and how you really have to have patience. If you screw up, you can always learn from your mistakes and do better. That’s what I learned through my many years of creating and producing.

I love my passion and I love the work that goes involved even though it could be tedious at times. I do love to show the dedication and time it takes to create and develop as a person and a soon to be a full company.

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Robert Dunmead, RKD Productions

FOUNDER/CEO; Commercial Producer/Director, Social Media Content Creator and Photo/Videographer

What makes your company stand out? I love what I do so much that I will try my best to keep the client at hand, happy. Whether that is adding in extra equipment here and there, meeting their budgeting needs, or working late and coming in early.

Creating from scratch is what I do! I wake up in the morning with an idea in my head, a plan written down in my notepad, and drive to my location… not more than 5 seconds of stepping on location, my entire plan is changed. I get so excited about creating a new video, photo, ad, commercial that I come up with all new ideas on the spot.

I love seeing the look on a clients face when they are pleased with the final product, and I live for their approval. As arrogant as it sounds possibly, I want everyone I work with, above, below or for to know that RKD Productions & Robert K Dunmead produces nothing but amazing work, has a strong work ethic and makes sure that no matter what, the job gets done.

Business owners are proud of their products and employees, parents are proud of their children and families, husbands and wives love each other, and I am lucky enough to help them show their love, and share their memories of those loved dearest with those dearest… and sometimes make the client some more money while I am at it!

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Sal Cincotta, Creative Cinc

Creative Director

What makes your company stand out? If i had to say the thing that makes us stand out — i would point to in-house talent. A lot of agencies outsource a majority of creative work — video production, photography, etc. For us — we have this in house and on staff. So, from a creative perspectivem we are working very closely with the client to ensure what they want is what we deliver because our team is involved in the entire process from vision to final delivery.

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Austin Spencer, Cool Stuff by Austin


What makes your company stand out? What makes my company stand out is that I can offer an all-inclusive creative agency service at the cost of a single artist. Unlike many creatives in the business, I am not just a cinematographer, editor, designer, photographer, or marketer. I can do it all.

I have put extensive effort into learning and mastering the skills needed for all facets of digital marketing, including the business side of it. This ensures cohesive and consistent branding, a logistically simple chain of communication, and an inspired personal touch (which is important in any kind of creative media).

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Michael Carlyle, michael-carlyle.com


What makes your company stand out? michael-carlyle.com creates videos that transforms complex ideas into compelling visual content.

We believe in “Motion through the frame”.

Our passion is defining stories, connecting people, and creating impact.

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Zachary Ward, ProjectPassion


What makes your company stand out? I believe my company, even though it is really just a dream right now is unique because not many people are aiming to help others before self. It is very important to me that I help smaller businesses and entrepreneurs grow all while glorifying the Lord.

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Francisco Reyes, New Face Media Productions


What makes your company stand out? New Face Media Productions (NFMP) is a unique and talented group of individuals whom are each gifted with their own special abilities within the entertainment business. Their strive to provide and use their skills together help create the masterpieces NFMP is known for.

With the mastered skills of cinematography, writing, directing as well as many others, NFMP provides a different variety of wide ranged artwork that keeps the staff as well as the audience forever interested and captivated. Thus the name New Face Media — a new generation, that is skilled in the many different faces of media.

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Emily Harmon, Harmon Productions


What makes your company stand out? I’m a freelance filmmaker focused on telling stories that explore the human condition, how we can protect our planet, and help equity and opportunity thrive.

I’ve worked with several non-profits as a content creator and distributor in their efforts to empower communities to fight injustice, locally and globally. Whenever I enter pre-production for a project I always have an in-depth conversation with my client about why they want this piece of media made — initially figuring out what audience needs to be reached and what action we need that audience to take.

That impacts every part of the actual production phase. While my passions are very oriented towards making life better for more people through analyzing how we can change how society operates, everything is interconnected. This allows me to infuse anything I work on with persistent and critical energy. And, I thoroughly love the challenge of figuring out how to turn large, abstract concepts that audiences might shut down at the mention of into a moving story.

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Dwayne Joseph, Entertainment Media Network

Creator/ Founder

What makes your company stand out? The Entertainment Network has all forms of entertainment under all platforms from Art, Photography, Online Episodes to VR Filmmaking. Although my content is shot by me alone, I also edit It to reappropriate it into different meanings.

For instance, I Made 5 ERA radio track mixes with popular songs from a certain era then took one of those tracks and made visuals using edited pictures I shot and brought to life.

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Reno Lovison, Reno Lovison Marketing


What makes your company stand out? Coming from a marketing background as a writer and creative, who also has theater experience, I am watching the action and listening closely to the story my client is telling, then guiding them to be sure that the video we are producing meets their objectives.

There are many people who can set up a camera and make a nice video but I make an effort to collaborate not only in the physical product but also in the messaging.

In regard to competition, I prefer to be a collaborator. We all have a different mix of talents with our own strengths and weaknesses and personal styles. Clients will pick those they are most comfortable with and whom they think can deliver the expected product.

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Donna Long, Empty Nestopia


What makes your company stand out? I am personable and a creative at heart. I take the time to truly listen to the client and hear what they are looking for. I am always searching for a new angle to show the personality and charm of a company or destination that I am in. I take the little jobs that larger companies will not respond to.

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Casper Lundemann, Casper Lundemann Creative

Creative Owner

What makes your company stand out? In this modern world, with all the technology we photographers and videographers could ever need. With phones shooting 4k resolution, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. My approach is to turn to what makes me happy. Nostalgia and Originality — so I’ve turned time back 20–40 years, and do a lot of my work on old film. It’s like listening to Vinyl over Spotify. There is a sound you can’t recreate.

It’s the same when shooting on film. The texture, the vibe, the feeling, you can’t recreate that digitally. So my work seems to bring up a timelessness and nostalgic feeling that people like.

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Eveline Lemahieu, Vidsome


What makes your company stand out? What I noticed when I started in online marketing is that companies knew how to handle social media, but as soon as it came to online video they had absolutely no idea. They would often just invest a huge amount of money in a single video, upload it and then be disappointed if nothing much happened.

So what we want to do is help businesses make smart online video that brings value. Value to the company because of its positive ROI, and value to the viewer with the content of the video.

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BJ Adkins, Green Pea Media Studios


What makes your company stand out? In addition to the industry standard of offering video production, editing and marketing services we also offer video creation coaching. Over 50% of small businesses with an annual less than $25million use internal sources for their video creation & marketing.

Our primary goal is for our customers to succeed with their video marketing efforts and sometimes that means providing coaching instead of producing, editing or marketing their videos for them. We preview the videos they have created in-house and offer suggestions on how they can film, edit or market their videos to achieve the highest ROI possible.

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Allison Goodman, Boutwell Productions


What makes your company stand out? I have a passion for helping people. At shoots, I help in anyway that I can, not just in the capacity of videography. Then I shoot in a way that documents the event and brings all of the emotions out: happiness, sadness, excitement, nervousness. My goal is to create videos that makes the viewer “feel.”

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Kevin Weaver, Blueline Creative Agency

Executive Creative Director

What makes your company stand out? I think what sets our firm apart is we don’t take ourselves too seriously. While the finished product can be very serious, sometimes bringing people to tears we keep the process lighthearted. We like to live in the space between laughing and crying.

We focus on wholehearted thoughtful storytelling whether through commercial, documentary or film. What sums us up best can be found at zippycrisp.com

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Jocelyn Carlson, JC Films


What makes your company stand out? Storytelling! I believe that’s what makes me stand out among my competition. It’s not just about being there the capture what goes on. A lot of the work and fun for me comes in the post-production process.

Before and during the event I’m filming, I want to know the “why” and the story behind it all. As I’m filming I’m keeping that with post-production in mind. The ultimate goal behind my videos is to draw out an emotional response from the viewer.

My favorite thing about being a filmmaker is the combination of film, style, and music to retell the story without the actual words but through the emotions I’m trying to provoke through the film.

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LeMar Charles, Vicious Productions

Owner Director Editor

What makes your company stand out? I’d have to say my company stands out because of flexibility. I’m a full time freelancer, so my commitment to clients can be maximized, but I also have a curated roster of fellow freelancers, editors, graphic artists and animators for larger more diverse jobs or shorter timelines.

I set a standard of talent and efficiency and keep relationships with a network that I can trust to do the same. Clients often hire me for video editing, but at some point I present my videography skills and the trust I have built up with them in the post process translates to an on-site production opportunity.

The phrase every editor dreads is “we’ll fix it in post”, it can be abused in a pass the problem along pipeline, I’ve been brought on as Post Specialist on set to make sure it’s true.

Sometimes I’m brought in early enough to function as a consultant making sure the video can deliver on marketing strategies or educational goals down the line through the course of a campaign.

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Alex Tollis, ODD Studios

Creative Director

What makes your company stand out? What sets my production apart is my conceptual take on all of my work. Regardless of the purpose of my production be it to highlight a new business, document an artist or develop a music video; I craft my production around a collection of influences from music, poetry and film that depict my mood, current emotional state, as well as something I feel is representative of my client.

From there I allow genres to clash and coexist. Documentaries get conceptual music videos included, short promotional clips get narrative cinematic components, etc. Allowing my documentary film to take shape of my current state while reflecting a representation of my subject all while blending and redefining the genres of production allows for a deeply personal, artistic and ever evolving product. Thank you for your time.

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Dave Brown, Hed Hi Media

Creative Director

What makes your company stand out? We see ourselves as an extension of our clients. They come to us with their ideas, and pre-existing campaign collateral; then we go to work to transpose that messaging into cinematic videos and animations that feel cohesive with the rest of their campaign. Our video content enables our clients to broadcast their campaign on video platforms which often serve to complement text, photo and infographic elements.

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Arthur Bell, Dreamlike Pictures

Creative Director

What makes your company stand out? We Are a marketing agency who only does video — for broadcast commercials, brand films, branded content, music videos and digital signage. We are both deeply technical and deeply seeped in marketing. (Slowly writing a book essentially for business on the difference between their brand and their marketing).

Essentially, we try every day in everything we do to live up to our byline ‘MOVING STORIES’ in that everything we do physically moves on a screen somewhere from a franchise location, to a stadium, to your television and your phone — and — every campaign is meant to move our client’s audience.

We achieve this in the accumulation of a zillion little intentional steps from pre-production — what’s the essential, authentic essence of the story — to our choice in talent, lighting, location, cameras, lenses, lighting, music bed, opening shot and last shot, etc., etc.,

While much of our work is regional (I Never think of that) I don’t want our clients to be seen as famous here -our goal is to make every one of our clients famous.

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Wrap Up

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