David Ogilvy’s Greatest Flaw and an Abbreviated Evolution of Copy
Navah Maynard

But if you were contemplating spending $490,000 or more on a Rolls Royce, that decision would be influenced by what you knew of the product. Not just the visuals. The facts.

People buy for two reasons, and only two: the right reason — which is invariably about rational and objective, about needs and satisfying those needs — and the REAL reason — which is invariably emotional, about wants, desires, hopes and expectations, benefits and fulfilment of those desires, etc.

In other words, we use objective, rational facts to justify and rationalise our emotional wants. Otherwise, the risk is too great.

I note that you’re a student and you’re young. That goes a long way toward understanding your arguments above.

If you’re contemplating a career in advertising or other aspects of selling, you’ll eventually learn the reality that, while “facts tell, stories sell” is true, you dispense with the right reasons at your peril. :D