The Cost Of My Sexual Assault

I guess it’s difficult, as a man, to comprehend fully the personal impact of such an experience. Had it been one of my daughters I’d have wanted to ensure that this rapist didn’t repeat his behaviour.

When consequences are delayed or removed, too often the wrong lessons are learned, especially by sociopaths. The Japanese say “there are no mistakes, only lessons to be learned.” Unfortunately, if the wrong lessons are learned — such as “there were no consequences… I can get away with this, so I can keep doing it” — that’s a mistake. I would be concerned that this too-predictable mistake meant that other young women were now at risk.

So my response would likely have gone in the direction of ensuring that there WERE consequences, and that those consequences removed any possibility of repetition of the behaviour.

The simple surgical procedure of penectomy springs to mind, preferably done without benefit of anæsthesia and using a blunt, rusty hacksaw blade.

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