The most legitimate way to make money online

John Crestani
Nov 13, 2019 · 6 min read

how to make money online in 2020.

how to make money online in 2020
how to make money online in 2020

Corona virus important update: 2020 hasn’t started a good year as the outbreak of corona virus has had a huge impact on buisnesses all over the world. According to the experts, due to this pandemic most of the companies would go bankrupt, as all the countries are planning to have a lockdown e.g Italy, Pakistan U.K etc.

As most of the people can’t go to work and are worried that how would they pay their bills at the end of the month, So i have updated this article according to the current situation all over the world. As people can still make money online without leaving their homes, read the whole article as i have shared my own way that how i am making money online.

i will not write a long article i will keep it as short as possible neither i write articles like other that say “50 ways to make money online” or “100 best ways” etc. As a matter of fact a single person cannot test all of these methods , most of these people are scams , becuse you cannot be a jack of all trades.

Who am I?

My name is John Crestani and i am an internationally renowned expert in affiliate marketing. I left my corporate job and now have built an empire in the affiliate marketing space. I have been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur and many others.

The way i make money online is through affiliate marketing. As it is the most legitimate way to make money online and, i will explain why?

First of all let me explain what is affiliation marketing. It is a process in which we promote other people products and when get a sale we make a certain amount of comission from that sale. there are many networks for affiliation marketing but my favourite one is clickbank, because here you get 50 to 75 percent comission on a sale and if you bring alot of sales to a product you can even get a 90 percent comission , which means that if you sold a 100 dollar product you would get a 90 dollar comission, i know that sounds to good to be true.

As the perks of affiliate marketing doesn’t end here. there are many hustles from which you get saved some of them are:

1-you dont have to make your own product

2-Email swipes are created for you

3-landing pages and high converting funnels are also created



and many other , you just have to promote these services and get a comission.

now what most of the people do they spam their affiliate offers all over the internet. don’t do that it will lead you no where, thier are certain methods to promote your products, As at fisrst i used to do the same thing that put my affiliate link evey where on the internet and i didn’t get any results. As i was missing the most important thing and that was targeted traffic.

What is targeted traffic?

As affiliate offers are in different niche . For example the most popular niches are Weight loss, fitness and entertainment etc. If you promote a weight loss product to an entertainment guy he would definitely not buy it, As you have to promote it front of people who actually needs it. You must be thinking that where to get targeted traffic to your affiliate offers? that’s where i come in.

Now i have divided this part into three categories according to budget.

1- budget 1 (If you have no money and you are broke)

2- budget 2( if you have a budget of al least $500–1000 to spend)

3- budget 3 ( if you have a budget between $2000–5000)

Budget 1 methods ( free methods)

1- facebook groups

Join the relevant facebook groups of your niches. now a days mostly people interact in groups. if you have a weight loss offer just search on facebook about weight loss, and after that go to groups section and click on join, and once you are accepted to that group don’t at once start promoting your affiliate offers.

first interact with people over there and ask them about their queries, make a poll or conduct surveys as more people react to your posts , this means that you are building a trust on people, and then lead them to your affiliate offers

Believe me there is a 90 percent chance that they will buy the product

2-youtube comments

how to make money online on youtube
how to make money online on youtube

As milions of people upload a video daily on youtube, you just need to subscribe a youtube channel that is relevant to your niche and whenever they upload a youtube video you should be the first one to comment under that video.

For example if you have a cooking offer and you have subscribed a cooking channel . Your comment should be that , “great video, i have just made a simple recipe to it , just have a look on it, your affiliate url”, it looks a little spammy but it can work wonders, as i had made about $20k dollars by this method.

Budget 2 methods

1- facebook ads

Now facebook ads have made me millions of dollars i have made a video after watching this video you would be an expert in facebook ads

2-native ads

same goes for the native ads, these are my personal favourite methods do watch the whole video to check how to master native ads

Budget 3

If you still don’t know what is affiliation marketing and if you are interested in getting started. Then I have a free Webinar in which i show how i build a 400,000/month affiliation marketing business from scratch in just 5 months.

Well i assure you that it is no scam, I know that there are a lot of scams on the internet these days. That’s why I have kept the Webinar free, at the end of a webinar i do have a paid course which goes for $1000. But you only have to buy it if you are serious about affiliate marketing.Other wise use the methods listed above they will definitely work for

Most of the people fail because they don’t take action, if you use the free methods you will definitely make around 5000 to 10000 dollars in around 5 months and then you can invest in my course as free methods don’t long last, at some point you have to shift to paid methods

if you are struggling for a long time on internet and you are lost. Or if you are tired of your corporate jobs. Or if you are just getting started on the internet and need some guidance. Then I strongly recommend you to register for the webinar.

if you liked this article please leave a good response and if you have any questions about affilate marketing leave them below, and i will respond to them.

hope you like this article, and stay safe.

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