Dear Privileged, Rich, Condescending Tech Bro:
Wil Wheaton

A slightly longer rebuttal

To Trent Lapinski’s reply. Putting it here because I can.

Now that I had my fun with your somewhat overblown claims about what Wordpress themes do…

First and foremost, I am a PROGRESSIVE libertarian. I believe in equality, social justice, and a have a long history of defending and standing up against injustice. I did not vote for Trump, I voted for a woman for President, although I did not vote for the woman you and the establishment wanted me to. So you just attacked me without reason for sharing the same belief system you obviously believe in. Hope you’re feeling proud of yourself for that one buddy. *Face palm*

What the hell does a progressive libertarian even mean? Instead of “I got mine, fuck you”, it’s “I got mine, you should try harder, here’s a quarter”?

Also, voting for Jill Stein, setting aside the “OMG NADER” silliness, isn’t something to brag about. You voted for a woman whose investment portfolio shows her “strong ethics” end at her bank account, and fast, who promulgated the worst sort of myths about WiFi, and blatantly pandered to anti-vaccine groups all the while trying to act as though she’d done no such thing.

You voted for someone whose ethics seem to be limited to “that which advances me is good”. So really, how different is she from your view of HRC?

Secondly, I was born in San Francisco, and raised in the Bay Area. I am not a tech bro. I do not work for major tech companies, and I did not raise venture capitol. I bootstrapped my business to over $1 million in revenue, with a diversified team from around the world, and sacrificed plenty to accomplish what I did. I started with a laptop, and a mattress on the floor.

Based on your reply here, yeah, you are. And other than a lack of venture capital, which is hardly unique given the work you did, your story’s not unique. Lots of people who are now quite rich started their first startup with “a laptop and a mattress on the floor”. Being a tech bro is independent of how you get your funding.

I have no shame for being a self-made person. My “privilege” had little to do with my success, it was all from behind a computer and no one knew who I was or what color my skin was. I don’t have childhood fame to bank off of for the rest of my life, I actually have to work for a living.

“I have no idea what privilege is, but because I wasn’t born a billionaire, obviously I had none.”

Thirdly, I did not disclose what I sold my company for, and reality is so far from what you’re accusing me of it is absurd. Almost everything went to my team, and business expenses. I did not profit personally, because unlike your assumption I’m not an asshole.

Well then, you’re saying it wasn’t sold for a million, but no one but you and a handful of people know what it was sold for, so really, it’s your argument from authority vs. Wil’s supposition that a company pulling in a million in revenue probably sold for a sum in that range. Barring any real data, Wil’s not off base here. I doubt it was sold for a twenty and some killer Za. Also, “almost everything” is not an actual number. Could be a fiver, could be a million dollars. Either is just as likely based on the data.

My company also gave our products away for free, we only charged for support and premium features. My company helped millions of people launch tens of millions of websites mostly for free. The amount of good I’ve done in this world with my last startup is incalculable.

Your company made Wordpress themes not the cure for cancer. Settle down Theranos-boy, you did some cool stuff, but I bet globally, the “good you did in this world” with Wordpress themes is actually quite calcuable. Sans CalculUS even.

If you knew me, you would also quickly realize that I don’t care about money. I focus my time and energy on trying to help people and create value for them. Money is just a necessary evil and side effect of helping others.

If you don’t care about money then why are you so outraged at Wil’s supposition as to how much you’re worth. That’s called “caring” by the way.

Clearly, a selfish entertainer such as yourself has no idea what it is like to run a business, or dedicate your life to helping other people through technology.

“Insulting people is bad. Unless I do it. Then it’s okay”

You’re clearly projecting your own guilt upon me for being a privileged white male, and that’s just so insanely absurd I don’t even want to touch it with a 10-foot poll. You have no right to attack me when you have no idea what my financial situation is, and even if it was what you’re hilariously purposing were true, does it really matter? Are you seriously going to judge me for what you think is in my bank account? What does that say about you?

For someone who doesn’t care about money, you’re spending a lot of time on it.

Lastly, you might not remember me, but you and I worked together at SuicideGirls 10-years ago. I had a tech column while you were a blogger for them. Back then I used to look up to you, but I guess that was a mistake because clearly you’re just a selfish prick with nothing better to do than attack someone with a similar belief system as yourself who came from a similar background who was trying to help educate and inform people during a period of unrest in this country.

Wil’s a PROGRESSIVE libertarian too? Question: is that the same as a progressive libertarian? do the caps matter?

Meanwhile, your post accomplishes nothing but further spreading hate, misinformation, and completely fails to provide any kind of value to the world.

Unlike your reply, truly a beacon of kindness and goodness. Hark, I do hear angels every time I read it!

Or was this just an attempt to piggyback off my traffic and selfishly steal some for yourself? No wonder you voted for Hillary, you clearly have the same questionable judgement, and morals

And given your vanity, your attachment to Jill Stein is similarly lacking in wonder.