Hillary Clinton and the complex system
Jack Danger

Congratulations. You have managed to completely remove any and all hints of humanity and morals from the Office of The President, and make the people that office affects out to be…files? Caches? I don’t know, based on that post, I can’t tell what you think of them, you *never mention them*.

But they don’t matter.

Nor do you particularly care that your favored candidate looks up to Henry Kissinger, a man who has a list of countries he dares not travel to, because they consider him a *war criminal*. This is a man who literally committed treason to get Nixon elected, by sending the Nixon campaign secret information on the Paris Peace Talks.

This is the man who Hillary holds up as proof of how good her actions as Secretary of State were. I mean, at this point, she’s pretty much paralleled Kissinger. Support of a quagmire war? Check. Extralegal attacks against citizens of nations we are not at war with? Check. Basically, if it involves us blowing up people in other countries, Clinton is fine with it. Until it impacts her poll numbers, then it’s bad.

But hey, she’d make a great DBA, and that’s the same as being president, right?