For the folks who just started following me

You may be a bit disappointed

While I know you’re all here, or the vast majority of you are here because of my “Samantha and The Great Big Lie”, if you’re expecting more like that, you’re in for a disappointment. If you’re here because of my rep, you’re in for a huge disappointment.

It is funny though, how my rants get all the attention and eyeballs, but the stuff I’m actually most happy with gets ignored. But since you seem to be paying attention to me, here, in some vague order, the stuff I wrote that I’d like you to read:

And some ones about my incredibly odd childhood and non-tech past that may be a bit amusing:

There’s some ranty stuff I’ve done, but I’m never sure if I’m doing those because I actually care, or it’s the part of my brain that goes “It’s what they want, throw the sharks some chum”. I think it’s the former more than the latter, but hard to say. I spent a lot of time doing ranty bits on the internet, some helped make some minor things better, and some were done at the request of people who the first chance they got, threw me and some good friends under a bus. No, I haven’t forgotten that. Don’t ever think I will forget that.

But if you’re expecting a stream of rants, well, you may want to find someone else to follow. Good rants just get washed away in the general noise of name calling and callout culture and punching up/down and all the other reasons people have come up with for the ultimately pointless acts of being shits to each other. “The ends justify the means”, “better to beg forgiveness than ask permission” and all the other “It’s okay when WE do it” nonsense that is really meant to create constant, ready excuses for the most horrid kinds of behavior.

I’m an asshole at times, but I’m not that kind of asshole.

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