Dear Investors: So You Want to Take Diversity Seriously (Part 1)
Mitch & Freada Kapor

If you could convince companies to look outside of the normal startup factories?

I live in Tallahassee, which has, in addition to FSU, Florida A&M, a “traditionally black college” that actually has a compsci department.

Take a wild guess at how many startups, googles and facebooks show up at A&M.


Now, Procter and Gamble? Apple? Intel? Insurance Companies? They show up. Guess where the grads and their talents go?

If the pipeline isn’t inclusive, diversity efforts tend to be minimal at best.

So maybe, as someone with the influence you have over the companies you fund, y’all could see about helping them look outside of Stanford?

Also, paid internships. That unpaid shit eviscerates inclusivity.