The thing you should know about Travis Kalanick is that he cares about Uber and its people above all else.
What I Learned From Working at Uber
Amy Sun

It doesn’t matter that Travis “Cared”

Travis’s feelings aren’t the problem

I’m quite sure that Travis was, to many people, a very nice person. It’s obvious he loves his family, cares about them, and would never treat them poorly.

But the focus on, as you say, results above all other things created this problem. It’s a company-wide misapplication of “the ends justify the means”. I would also say that no, Travis did not care about Uber and its people above all else, because there was a segment of Uber he clearly not only did not care about, but wanted gone:

The Drivers

From day one, Uber’s goal was to replace 100% of drivers with automated vehicles. Indeed, some fairly solid analyses have shown that the only way Uber can be profitable at the rock-bottom prices it wants to charge is without drivers taking their remarkably small cut. All the money has to flow to Uber.

So right there, he didn’t care about Uber and its people above all else. There was clearly a caste system at Uber and the drivers were the Dalits. Travis himself showed this on the infamous dashcam. He views drivers as an anchor, holding Uber back. Your statement, regardless of intention, is incorrect. It is not deliberately false, I think you really believe it, but it is demonstrably not correct.

It is also hard to take your view of him seriously in light of the infamous Miami party letter, wherein he bemoaned the fact he wouldn’t be get to stick it in anyone, because he’s the boss and the boss can’t stick it in the employees. I know this may seem complicated, but nothing about that letter shows me someone who views his employees as valued people he needs. That letter shows me someone who views employees at vassals, serfs, if not outright slaves. He’s upset that it would “look bad” for him to bang employees. Sorry, he’s upset that it would “look bad” for him to bang drunken employees that he bought all the booze for.

That is not someone who really cares about everyone at Uber. Or is it “Boober”? One can never tell with Travis.

Travis cared about some people more than others. Even in the upper castes, it was obvious there were people who were FoT and those who were not. Susan Fowler, clearly, was not a FoT. Travis can cry, he can wail, don the hair shirt, and live in a monastic cell for a decade, and none of that, none of it will change that everything that happened Uber is ultimately his fault, because of a central principle of leadership:

You can delegate authority, never responsibility.

Travis was in charge. Ultimately, everything about that company did, right or wrong, was and is, his fault. He has that responsibility. He was fine with it, eager to have it when it was getting him hours of ass-kissing from people like Kara Swisher and the rest of tech media with a single exception, Pando. It was only when that responsibility became inconvenient that he suddenlty didn’t want it anymore. Funny how a bag of holding can simultaneously be a bag of devouring. Like the thief, he wasn’t sad he’d stolen, but he was terribly, terribly sad he’d been caught.

Travis Kalalnick created that problem. The fact he was regularly nice to people changes that not at all.