The whole episode will have no impact on any other publisher you know and Peter will never launch another volley of anonymous lawsuit against a publisher again.
The Stunning and Expected End of Gawker

Oh bless your heart. Of course Thiel will never have to do this again. Everyone got the message. Criticize Thiel, and he’ll ruin you if it takes decades. Short of him being filmed shooting babies (cute ones, not ugly babies) by multiple indpendent sources *and* his grandmother, no one will ever criticize him again.

Notice how the stories about Uber suddenly pulled back to nothing but reporting on existing lawsuits and other public items after Sarah Lacey et al discovered just how far they’d go to shut up a journalist who was being inconvenient.

Oh wait, that’s right, this is a totally unique issue, and it’s not like a vengeful billionaire would ever consider grinding an inconvenient publication into the ground via lawsuits. You know, like Donald Trump tried to with Mother Jones.

Oh…wait. But this was unique. It had never happened before, nor will it ever happen again.

Just shut your mouth and publish link-baity puff pieces, and you’ll be fine.

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