“ 2016 is as good a time as any to start the transition away from the headphone jack, the same way…

Just about every sound reproduction device — be it players, speakers, or headphones — made in the last 50 years uses this connector.

Oh rubbish. In fact, prior to the original iPhone in 2007, the vast majority of phones used a smaller, non-standard headphone jack. Apple was the first major cell phone player to even give you a friggin’ standard 1/8" jack, and that was in…


“just about eeeeeevery device made in the last fifty yearrrrrrs”…except for millions of cell phones in the almost 20 year history of cell phones prior to the iPhone, and they all qualify as “sound reproduction devices”.

Oh, and the Gameboy SP.

Nice case of vapors you gave yourself though, so I suppose you should wallow in them.

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