Star Trek’s Feminist Statement: Believe Women
Mirah Curzer

As the warp bubble and Beverly’s world contracts, the computer starts answering all her questions by saying the information she seeks is not available. So she dismisses it: “I’m not talking to you.” The tools of the patriarchy have abandoned her, so she tosses them aside and instead relies on her own mind to solve her problems.

Um…okay? But computers, even in the 24th century, aren’t gender-biased, they’re just limited. Very much so. The computer can only give the data it has. If that data isn’t there, or is being erased by a warp bubble/malfunction/cosmic space-wedgie of ultimate power, it has no other possible response. “The information you seek is not available.”

It is telling the truth, it is reflecting the only reality it is capable of knowing.

The patriarchy, however one defines it, isn’t at fault here. Especially given the setting.

The triumph is even greater than that, and it’s one that as a sysadmin, I see so little of. The tool isn’t working. It’s a hammer, but you need duct tape. So rather than endlessly focusing on making the tool somehow work (reboot, reload, etc.) Crusher realizes “this is incapable of helping me” and stops using it.

The intelligence and reason in that action are things I don’t see enough of today. “This isn’t working, this will not work at all, I have to change what I am doing to solve the problem”

That’s profound as hell.