Thanks for your reply and my apologies for not being clear as we are in agreement, though will be…
Steve Mushero

What company doesn’t care about efficiency? What company says “oh, efficiency is for suckers”?

When are you big enough to look more than the radius allowed by “Efficiency”? When are you big enough to not care about “efficiency”? When is that less important than better hiring practices?

How long? a year? two years? Ten? After you go public? after you’ve been bought out and it’s not your problem? How much efficiency do you lose when you finally hit that magical stage where you can afford to be so inefficient, when you’re finally big enough to look past your front door in terms of hiring and you have to completely revamp your hiring process which up to that point is focused entirely on “efficiency”? Because you’ll have to do that.

I imagine that will take quite a bit longer.

For someone so woke, you seem very invested in making sure I understand why it’s okay that you’re valuing efficiency over inclusivity and doing more than de minimis.

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