A Heineken with the Enemy
Kate Imbach

When my son was in high school, he saw a girl throw some gum on the floor of the class. This disturbed him for obvious reasons, so he went to get her attention so as to point out that what she’d done was a little fucked up.

Unfortunately the way he chose to do this was to, for some dumb reason, via a light tug on her ponytail. (I didn’t ask how “light”, it had no bearing as far as I was concerned.) she turned around and slugged him. Pretty good too, according to him.

Of course, at that point, they both go to the principal’s office, and his response was “well, I earned it. I chose a stupid way to get her attention, so I can see why she punched me.” Evidently he’d listened when some years before when I told him to be very, very careful about laying hands on someone without permission.

“They might tell you to eat shit, they might beat your ass, and you don’t know until it happens. You don’t get to decide someone else’s response. Probably best to not be touchin’ people.”

I always wanted to thank that girl for cementing that lesson.

I don’t see a problem with your reaction. Some of my friends who are women? Fucker’d have gotten bottled. He’s lucky you’re a peaceful sort.

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