Discovering Artistic Genius

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at art and musicians who have already “been discovered”. By the time they come through the symphony hall or museum or exhibition where I absorb their work from the audience, they’ve already honed their craft for years, decades sometimes.

The same thing goes with books. I read new books as they come out, sometimes, but that’s long past when the author has been found by some editor, honing their words into a published piece. I’m just consuming the finished product, the byproducts of earlier discovery and cultivation. Swallowing the fruits of someone else’s labor.

Well, not now! I’ve discovered who I think could be the next big artist of our time. I’m so excited about it… the remote possibility, the mere chance, that this could be not only a master artist, but the next big art form. A seismic shift in the art world.

Take a look at the below piece of art.

Piece I by Josephine

I’ll just refer to the artist as Josephine for now to hide her identity from a prying public.

See those lines! That form! It’s exquisite. The colors, seemingly chosen at random, belie a certain presupposition of what we call ‘choice’ in the first place. The quasi-random angularity of of the individual strokes tells me that this artist wants us to tear down our own self-created walls and really let the art speak to us. We need to forget what we know about ‘art’ altogether.

I’m floored by this discovery. It basically happened right under my nose. Other than the artist herself, I was the very first person to see this piece of work. Looking at the deliberately careless way the strokes fell, the sublime use of pressure to indicate intentional force and the faded lines to facilitate haste… I was smitten.

The ultimate test for a work of art is whether or not it elicits an emotional response. Can you get lost in it? Is it a reflection, to you, of your own humanity? Your own vulnerability? Take a look at another piece from the same artist and tell me what you think:

“single green line” by Josephine

Here, through sheer simplicity and an almost callous disregard for our preconceptions about artistic effort, the artist slaps us in the face. “single green line” is a work of immense talent. I’m almost scared to share it to the general public simply because it’s almost guaranteed to be stolen.

I will, however, be putting these works up for auction in the near future. While I appreciate their artistic relevance, and the near-pricelessness due to their early nature in her body of work, I full expect bigger and better pieces as time comes along. These piece belong out in the world.