Finding writing inspiration sucks

I set out at the beginning of the year with a goal to publish 150 pieces. Whether that was one of my arts reviews, a think-piece on our internal company blog, or some half-cocked rant on Medium — I wanted to put myself out there in front of strangers 150 times in 365 days.

I’m doing pretty mediocrely (real word). I’ve published perhaps 20 or 25 things. By my calculations, to be on pace for glorious success I really should have somewhere in the low 50’s. Shit.

It’s hard for me to just list out ideas.

The problem is: Where can I find inspiration?

I know it’s cliché. A writer should see inspiration all over the place, right? Besides, these are not exactly going into the New York Times, they are just random soliloquies on subjects that pertain to my personal worldview. Sometimes I’ll just write a post on how to make eggs.

But it’s hard to do that reliably. It’s hard to find a thread of some thought or feeling that I can follow into a few decent paragraphs on the subject. The cruel part of Medium is that it shows not only how many people read an article, but also how many started it and didn’t finish it. And it hurts when you people don’t read my shit all the way through.

That’s Views, Reads, and the percentage.

So today I thought, “well, you’re always internally bitching about how hard it can be to find something to write about, why not show the world how lame you are?” And then I thought “wow me you’re a dick.”

How to trap inspiration

Inspiration for things to write about spring not only from random flashes of insight or passion or emotion — but also things you have given some thought to. Yes, I might think it’s pretty crazy that there are always random white-bread sandwiches strewn on the sidewalk on my street, but that doesn’t mean I can write a blog post about it.

Actually maybe I should.

What my goal ultimately is, is to keep track of ideas that I have during the day in a little notebook or in Google Keep, and then flesh them out at some later time. Maybe I could comb through them and add some notes to ones I still find interesting, and then turn those into posts. We’ll see. I’m going to try to do that and let you know how it goes.

Goodbye internet.