I drink tea in the evening, typically

Coffee to me is a special drink. It should be made with good beans, in a classic way, and consumed in a comforting fashion. In quiet thoughtfulness, or under a peal of laughs with friends, or hunched over some creative endeavor at your desk. Or swilled on a cold morning, both your breath and the mug steaming.

However you take your coffee, take some pride in it.

This isn’t black tea but I love the mug. Source.

My move to tea evenings

Historically I drank coffee late in the day. Five, six, seven at night I could be making a cup of coffee. Then cracking a book or turning on the TV or opening the laptop.

That’s a terrible idea.

Whenever I’d do that I would wake up in the morning feeling exhausted. Beaten down. Hungover, almost. That caffeinated sleep makes for poor sleep, and I definitely paid the price.

Now I drink delicious black tea some time in the evening, around 7pm I guess when I am about to give my infant kid a bath. It’s the perfect small amount of caffeine to push me through that last little stage before she goes to bed, and it glides me into my evening routine with a tiny flourish of gusto.

But enough about me. What about you?

People abuse coffee sometimes and it makes me confused and angry kind of

Before you answer, I will say a couple of things that confuse me. Like, on TV shows, people wake up in the middle of the night to talk for whatever reason and they always make coffee. Why? Isn’t that ridiculous? I’d stay up until morning in that case.

People have coffee with dessert at restaurants. I get it if you’ve been drinking and you want to pep up a little bit for your drive home, but that just seems irresponsible in 2017. Right?

Decaf coffee in general. What the hell is the point? Same sentiment can be applied to non-alcoholic beer. What’s your problem?

Coffee at the end of a wedding reception. Again, is this so you can stay up late and party and dance and then also make sure you get bad heartburn from the shitty beef au jus and big piece of overly-frosted cake you had? Sure, pour steaming coffee sludge down your gullet at midnight.

That’s it. If you liked this post Schedule Coffee with a Friend.