Keeping track can be really easy

One of the very hardest things about working a job with a lot of things going on is just keeping track of it all. You’ve got emails coming in. You’ve got Slack messages piling up. You’ve got your coworkers telling you that your LinkedIn is absolutely terrible.

One of the worst feelings is missing a deadline, or realizing someone has been waiting on you long enough to send you a reminder. That slays me. For some irrational reason it also makes me really mad at that person. Like they are calling me on my bullshit.

I’ve found a really simple way to combat this sense of missed opportunities to surpass expectations. I want to share it with you. With this easy organizational method you’ll probably do amazing work, impress everyone, and be making $300k in two years tops.

First, buy a notebook just like this

Yeah, like from school.

Yes, this is a simple composition notebook. It’s wide ruled. It’s got tons of pages in it. Each single page is going to represent one day in your life. It will be like your work journal, basically.

Secondly, each page is a single day

This part is very simple. At the top of the page write this:

Tuesday 8/29

Or whatever the current date is. Don’t write Tuesday 8/29 on all your damn pages.

This is what I’m doing today. I wrote this post today on August 29, 2017.

Then, down the page, write 4 or 5 things you need to get done, separated by two lines each. This gives you space to write notes during the day. Everything you do that entire day should fit on that page. If you have to go over the page, you’re doing too much, or you don’t have enough information on the tasks. Be careful that you’re doing a small amount of work really well, rather than a lot of work not very well.

If you come to something that you can do tomorrow, just jot it down on tomorrow’s page, in this case it would say

Wednesday 8/30

Make sense? With this setup, you can come in the morning and know at a glance what you need to get accomplished for the day. You can write down notes as needed. You can always refer back to the day later to see what you had going on and what you got finished.

It’s so simple and sexy I can’t even stand it. The best part is, the battery never dies, you can’t drop it and break the screen, you can’t accidentally delete it. These composition notebooks even have a page in the front where you can write your name and phone number in case you leave it at the coffee shop.

If you get through a whole notebook like this, I can promise you that you’ll be 10x as productive as you were when you started.

This method is great for these kinds of jobs:

  • Startups
  • Corporate jobs
  • Coffee shop gigs
  • Freelance jobs
  • Unemployment
  • Retirement
  • Military
  • Judiciary
  • Missionary
  • Psychiatric in-patient
  • MMA fighters
  • Infants
  • Young Adults

If you enjoyed this article, thank you! You have weird taste.