One morning hack to streamline your day

The morning is the time to get things done. Study after study shows that productivity in the morning is of the highest quality and is the easiest to achieve. That’s why when we have simple frustrations in the morning they have that ‘ripple effect’ throughout the rest of our day.

This life-hack will change your morning routine. Forever.

I guarantee that you’ve been doing this one important thing wrong every single morning. The path to get to true productivity is having everything you need for the day lined up already before you go to bed. When you wake up you can just start cranking. Time spent fixing arbitrary ‘process’ things is time NOT spent getting after it.

I would bet, dollars to donuts, that you’ve been storing your Trader Joe’s Creamy Almond Butter like this:

Photo credit me

This is completely and categorically the wrong way to store your Trader Joe’s brand Creamy Almond Butter.

Have you ever noticed you’re furiously digging down through the greasy, swirling almond oil into the dry, un-oiled layer at the bottom of the jar? And stabbing with your fork or spoon or knife into the rock-solid almond crust? Cursing Joe and any Trading he embarks upon? Wishing you didn’t suddenly feel the fury of a thousand suns?

Well, quit forking that jar. Store that shit like this:

See how it’s upside down?

When you store it upside down, though, everything changes.

All that oil that separated out now starts to flow from the top back down into the brittle almond bones at the bottom. It softens up the rock-solid, dry parts with delicious almond blood. It also more evenly distributes the oil so that you don’t get a disgusting oily mouthful instead of a perfectly balanced, Trader Joe’s Creamy bite.

When you bring it home and stick it in your pantry, turn it upside down. Let it sit a few days. Then turn it over, carefully peel off that foil top thing, and plop a glop into your non-GMO steel cut oats. Throw some butter on there too. When you put it back in the pantry, TURN IT OVER AGAIN!

Your mornings will be perfect now. Forever. You will be running a Fortune 500 in months.

Look how good this looks.

EAT ME. Also yes that mug says Canada hehe it was from a road trip in college.

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