Should you quit your job? I don’t know.

I really don’t know if you should quit your job. Maybe you should. If you’re thinking about it, then I’m guessing you probably have some good reasons. In my experience, those reasons never go away like you hope they will. “Oh, things will change” never pans out. People never change, and it’s people that run companies.

Typewriters are pretty cool. Credit.

But on the other hand, do you have something else lined up? Will you be okay if you quit? Maybe you should stick around just to get the paycheck. I know that sounds demoralizing and soul crushing but not everyone can be a startup founder or our economy would literally grind to a halt. Not everyone can work on a software idea in their parent’s garage.

Some people just have to sit at their desks and do meaningless terrible work for money.

Maybe that’s you. I don’t know. I barely know you.

On the other hand maybe you don’t give a shit about what’s ‘safe’ or ‘smart’ or ‘probably in your financial and emotional best interest’ and you want to try something new. Take a leap of faith. Like open up a ferret daycare in the center of a busy metropolitan area. Or go to night school. Or become an assassin.

So you should do that. You realize that one day you are literally going to die, and that will be it. No one will remember you. No one will care. You will be dead and gone and buried. Saying nothing about the afterlife, you get one chance here on earth. Maybe you don’t want to spend it typing shit into a spreadsheet.

Or maybe you do. Who knows. I don’t.

For my part, I think I want to make things. I want to grow and learn and build cool shit with cool people. I want to challenge myself so that others can challenge me. I want to learn how to ride a horse correctly without crushing my genitals. I want to impress the people in my life with my work ethic and my great hair.

That’s not saying you should do that. Maybe you’re perfectly happy doing exactly what you’re doing right now: reading this article while sitting on the toilet.