Time waits for no man

That is written on a card that came with a cheap watch I bought on the internet a couple of weeks ago. I say cheap because it was about $40 bucks, though that’s not to say it’s a crappy watch. I actually really like it.

I got that at Bespoke, which is the shit.

The phrase on the card, though, stood out to me. Not for it’s poignancy — it’s a pretty mundane and common thread: clearly, according to the internet, we should be living our lives More! Faster! Creative-er! Traveling-er! So obviously we need more time in which to do that. What stood out for me is that it tapped a bit of an undercurrent of feeling I’ve had lately:

You’ve got a little bit of time here and then you’re dead. — John David Back (it’s okay to quote yourself probably)

I want to be a better writer. So I write every day. I want to be a be a better programmer, so I practice Googling things every day. I want to be a better person, so I don’t say the phrase ‘Reality TV Personality Donald Trump’ very much. Etc.

There’s a million-and-one tips on what to do with your day and your life. This is not that, because frankly, I don’t care. Do whatever you want to do. Just try to remember, the absolute worst thing to take to the grave with you (other than the combination to your safe containing all your vast riches) would be a heart full of regret. Don’t do that. Never feel like you can’t get the things you want.

Here’s a list of things for you to get inspiration from:

  1. Go to that work happy hour that sounds terrible and you just want to watch Netflix… You may surprise yourself
  2. Have coffee with someone you sort of know but don’t know that well
  3. Read a goddam book
  4. See one of those deals on Allegiant or Whatever Airline and book a $79 flight to Toronto.
  5. Read another goddam book
  6. Wake up before dawn a bunch of days in a row
  7. Take photographs of things that aren’t food or pets or yourself
  8. Write a letter to someone
  9. Stop listening to shitty music immediately
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