You should let me bother you

Let me clarify. You should want me to bother you.

We’re at that depressing annual stage right now, the end of February, where everyone is failing miserably at their new year’s resolutions. You’re going to the gym less. You’re eating carbs or ice cream or pizza. You’re reading less and watching TV more. You stopped working on your book or your side project or your hobby.

Hey there bud don’t give up, I got you.

You don’t feel accountable. Your friends don’t care if you eat pizza, hell, they’re the ones telling you “one time isn’t a big deal.”

You need to be reminded to make good choices, and to be told you did a good job. You need to feel a little bit of guilt when you slip up, and to be encouraged to do better tomorrow. At the end of the day, you need to be bothered. You want to feel that rush at the end of the night that you kicked today’s ass. You need that feeling of accomplishment that makes all the difference.

Research shows we all do much better when we know someone is on our side. When someone is looking out for our success and pushing us to achieve it we are accountable not only to our own desire to self-improve, but to not let someone else down. Significant others are too close. Coworkers are too stressful. Friends are too unreliable.

You need me.

I have a couple of pals that I text every night just to say ‘Did you get your shit done?’ And if they did great, great. If not, I make suggestions. Then I remind them to make their Tomorrow List.

I’m going to do a pilot with 10 people. If you want me to remind you every weeknight to get your butt in gear, I’ll hold you accountable. Fill out this form and we’ll get started.

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See how easy that was? I’m pumped.