On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

This is a political tirade by a hard core Hillary supporter masquerading as a neutral. Alperstein consistently presents only one side as to every point raised. To begin with the basics, Bernie can predict 5% growth under his proposals because he’s proposing massive investment in domestic jobs and infrastructure, which economists agree has historically resulted in massive economic growth — the opposite of the earlier Republican approach that she compares it to. Rather than examining the nuanced debates from economists on this matter, she makes gross generalizations and accuses him of dishonesty, which is in itself . . . dishonest. Etc., point by point.

My sense is that, at base, she’s just more comfortable with Hillary’s world view and the people Hillary surrounds herself with. From Robin Alperstein’s bio:

“Ms. Alperstein specializes in securities law and corporate governance . . . Ms. Alperstein has represented publicly traded financial institutions, international holding companies, technology companies, communications companies, insurance carriers and Fortune 500 companies, as well as hedge funds, asset managers, privately held companies, boards of directors, individual directors, board committees and company officers.” Etc. She’s a New York securities / hedge fund lawyer currently working on Hillary’s New York campaign who’s in a good position to prosper during a Clinton administration. She’s just paying her political tribute dues here, like most of the mainstream Dem establishment.