Bariatric surgery in Mexico

Sleeve gastrectomy is a surgical weight reduction surgery in which the stomach is diminished to around 15% of its unique size, by surgical evacuation of a huge bit of the stomach, taking after the real bend. The open edges are then joined together (frequently with surgical staples) to frame a sleeve or tube with a banana shape. The strategy forever lessens the measure of the stomach. The system is performed laparoscopically and is not reversible.

Our Gastric Sleeve Procedure is $7,000.00 dollars and Includes:

Transportation (From Yuma, AZ airplane terminal or San Diego, CA Airport to the clinic and back to the air terminal.)

Healing facility Fees

Pre-Operatory Tests (Labs, X-Rays, Assessment)

Nourishing Evaluation

Gastric Plication Procedure

Specialists’ Fees

Anesthesiologist Fees

Healing facility Stay for patient and 1 partner with access to dinners, lavatory, television and remote web (Patient is not sent to a lodging for a legitimate postliminary)

The length of stay for this system is as per the following; you have your Gastric Sleeve Procedure done on day of entry to healing center, you keep with it two days and are discharged on the fourth day.

With a profoundly prepared group of specialists, medical caretakers, nutritionists, Diabesity Surgery can give our patients a protected and powerful weight reduction surgery, far reaching pre-and post-agent training and progressing aftercare. We arrive to guide you to a more content, more advantageous life.

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