Simplicity, versatility and aesthetics are but a few words that can be used to describe Vertigo the new line of bio-ethanol fireplace from Beauty Flame. The fireplace has been designed so that it can be the focal point of your living space and still produce a good deal of heat necessary for keeping warm during those chilly nights. Its remarkably easy to set-up and with a unique exterior design, there is the added freedom of mounting the fireplace either on a wall or letting it sit pretty on the floor. The Vertigo uses Bio-ethanol, a sustainable fuel that produces odorless, smokeless and soot-free flame for a good period of time. Of course, in this case, we are talking approximately 1.5-liter intake, which translates to roughly 3–4 hours of flame time.

Beauty Flame Vertigo Bioethanol Fireplace

The Pros

Free Standing/Wall Mountable The sturdy base allows the fireplace to stand on the floor, whereas the vertical over-reach of its L-shaped frames offers the alternative option of mounting it against a wall.

Portable As compared to other bi0-ethanol based fireplaces, the Vertigo is relatively easy to carry and it takes very little time to set it up in the room of choice.

Contemporary Design –Coated steel frame gives the fireplace a nice black finish, while the burner system sits at the centre, well accentuated by the protective glass panel at the front

Easy Flame Adjustment — The flame height can be easily adjusted by sliding the overhead slits using a long handle hook; with the added advantage of attaining better fuel efficiency.

Pollution-Free Flame — Given the high calorific value of bio-ethanol, the result is a flame with even burning intensity and zero residues (read soot or smoke).

Protective Glass -The glass panel at the front keeps the flame localized to the burner area, protecting it from wind, and even manages to accentuate the flames yellow color.

Lowers Overall Gas Bills — The heat produced from the fireplace is good enough to keep a closed seating area warm, and complements any primary heating solution well by bringing down the overall cost of heating.

Beauty Flame Vertigo Bioethanol Fireplace

The Cons

Extra Fire Proofing Treatment Required — Wall mounting necessitates the need for applying a fire-proof coating on a plasterboard wall segment, thus increasing the overall cost of installing the appliance.

Low Heating Efficiency — The heat energy produced by the fireplace is not enough to warm an entire room and therefore works, at best, as a secondary heating solution.

Requires Frequent Surface Cleaning– The smooth black exterior is a magnet for smudges and fingerprints, and as such it requires constant cleaning and care.

Beauty Flame Vertigo Bioethanol Fireplace

Home decor ideas have a dynamic attribute to them. For instance, an aesthetically motivated feature such as a bio-ethanol fuelled fireplace might look great in the living room one day and seem completely out of place the week after. In contrast, the Vertigo fireplace from Beauty Flame turns out be the perfect candidate for people with wavering thoughts of home decor. And this it owes mainly to its elegant yet simplistic looks along with the dynamic ability to see-saw between free-standing and wall mode as and when deemed fit.