Propane Space Heater

A propane space heater is ideal for heating those smaller spaces without spending a fortune on energy costs. Perfect for the garage, shed, animal pens, patios, outdoor activities, or other places you want to zone heat, rather than heating a large area. Propane space heaters are hooked up to a propane tank, and are extremely portable. Outdoorsmen have long utilized the propane space heater due to its portability and ease of use. Having a propane space heater handy will free you from having to rely on electricity to keep you warm. Propane is extremely cheap, readily available, and very portable, making the space heater a great idea. There are many different uses, and therefore many different models to choose from depending on your needs. Some popular brand names include the Mr.Heater, Rinnai, Enerco, Coleman, Heat Wave, Fastoria, and Heatstar.

The Portable Propane Space Heater: A popular choice among consumers, the portable propane space heater allows you to take the heat wherever you want. This is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping or patio activities. These often attach directly to the top of the propane tank, radiating heat from the device. Bring it into the garage, plop it on the ground on the patio, or even heat your animal enclosures such as chicken coops. The portable models will come in a variety of engineered designs. For instance, Mr. Heater offers a model that radiates from one heating unit that attaches straight to the top of the tank. Another model they offer has two heating units that attach to the one tank. Some are square with handles to carry them from place to place, like the portable “Buddy” propane heater. So there are many choices when it comes to portable, from tank-top attached designs to more boxy designs that have handles to carry it around.

Forced Air Propane Space Heater: The forced air models are usually in the shape of a cylinder where air is forced from one end. This is still a portable design, but has a hose that attaches from the propane tank to the device. These heaters emit hot air in a steady stream from the end and are perfect for larger areas that need heating such as construction sites and farms, warehouses, or even factories. These are not completely portable devices as they need to run off electricity for the fans to push the air out.

Radiant Propane Space Heater: There are many models of propane space heaters that emit more of a radiant heat from a larger device. Many of these have no need for electricity at all and need no outside venting, as they are extremely fuel efficient. Some have blowers that are battery operated and can be wall mounted, floor mounted, or ceiling mounted. All have steel caging over the radiant surface for safety protection. All devices will have an emergency shut off system that makes sure no harmful fumes are building up, or simply that the device is getting too hot.

Patio Tower Propane Space Heater: These patio heaters are the large tower devices often used on restaurant patios. These are perfect for keeping warm while lounging on the patio or just to radiate heat from a central outside point. Tower propane heaters can radiate heat out to a 10–12 foot area. They can be bought in elegant designs and even be copper plated or painted different colors to desired look. Having such a huge bulk of design and great heating coverage, you can see why these tend to be the most expensive option to choose from. However, nothing beats the tower models when hanging out on the patio!

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