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Why Ethical AI is a Prerequisite for “True” AGI

by Rich James — 6 min read

Here is the thing with ethics: It is no more programmable in AI than it is possible for AI’s human counterparts to codify them into a written document or manifesto as a fixed set of universally accepted ethical values or codes. This is because ethics are constantly evolving on a macro and micro level across societies in a generally progressive curve (though history attests to the occasional appalling reversal). This evolution is due to a myriad of external and internal forces — often working in a subtle, background fashion that is imperceptible, even…

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The Rise of Data-Driven Investing

by Justin Chan — 6 min read

When JCPenney reported its financial results for 2Q 2015, it came as quite a shock to the market.

The US retail giant outperformed most analyst expectations, which subsequently led to a 10% surge in its stock price over the next 2 days. But not everyone was caught off guard…

RSMetrics, a Big Data intelligence firm for businesses and investors, used satellite imagery of JCPenney parking lots during the quarter to confirm that traffic into its stores across the country was in fact increasing. (read more)

Ethereum & Tron upgrades didn’t move the Cryptos

by Faisal Khan — 5 min read


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The Challenge of Forex Trading for Machine Learning

by John DeCleene — 6 min read

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that has grabbed a lot of headlines previously. People are fascinated by the concept of machines seemingly ‘thinking’, and learning how to carry out tasks more proficiently over time. This has been both a holy grail of computer programmers, and a mortal fear of the human race. But machine learning is no longer something over the horizon; it’s here right now.

Cut through the paranoia and perturbation, though, and you soon find that machine learning has a ton of useful everyday applications. And one area…

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Don’t learn a programming language, solve a problem instead

by Nathan Slaughter — 4 min read

For years I studied programming languages to build better investment tools. That piled the work of programming on top of building forecasting and risk management models.

What actually happened is that I didn’t spend as much time on the real problems I needed to solve.

I focused on my ignorance about algorithms and programming languages. So I spent hours every week for years learning fundamental aspects of computer science. And I didn’t dedicate so much time to applying that knowledge to make things better in the real world. (read more)

Splitting Bitcoin Into Two Camps — Those That Want It and Those That Need It

by Audrey Nesbitt

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Before we cover some Machine Learning finance applications, let’s first understand what Machine Learning is. Machine Learning (ML) is a part of data science that uses different models to analyze data and make predictions.

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The job market in year 2040

by Sylvain Rochon — 6 min read

As a futurist, I’m often asked about the future of jobs. It is a concern for policy-makers, employers and the general population alike. What I realized, however, is that no one cares about losing the job itself. What they are worried about is how they will make a living in a future where they have become obsolete. (read more)

A Quick Guide to Investment Algorithms

by John DeCleene — 4 min read

Like many other areas now, the investment market has changed immensely with the help of technology. …

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Cryptocurrency Landscape in 2018

by Syed Shoeb —5 min read

The cryptomarket had a lively beginning to 2017 with the bulls coming to rest, and losing 60+% of total market cap value in just January. Further, 2018 was turned out to be pessimistic with the downward crypto market trends. On the brighter side, the crypto market is maturing while stodgily making its way past the FOMO and FUD stages.

InWara’s study covers any and all significant trends in the ICO and the STO landscape. This study further presents data-driven insights on the crypto market which, according to experts, is poised to take some major…

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About a month back, while I was sitting at a café and working on developing a website for a client, I found this woman sitting at a table near me, observing what I was doing for quite some time. After a while, she asked me if I was coding and what language I was coding in. A light conversation ensued and I found out that she was a data scientist. She told me that since her background was in BBA, and her company wanted her to take up some online courses in Python and machine learning to become more proficient…

John DeCleene

Singapore-based fintech specialist.

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