Bernie as a Democrat

At first I was confused why Bernie Sanders was running as a Democrat. He’s been an independent for so long.

But… Bernie knew there was room to shift “the left” farther left. There was a national hunger for a wider safety net for the poor and middle class. There was room to ask for more from the rich and to ask for more to care for the environment. There was a frustration about the cost of education and the embarrassment that is our minimum wage. Corporate structures, from CEO salaries to banking practices, were up for negotiation.

Bernie felt it a long time ago. He knew it, and he worked his ass off to rally the shift. Grass. Roots. I think every Democrat is more comfortable voting for Hillary because Bernie moved her platform.

Thank you, Senator Sanders. I’m honored to have donated to your campaign. You’re a hell of a good guy. A total class act. We’ll keep watching where you point your flashlight.