Do you wish you had voted for Hillary now? Still not concerned?

I can’t believe people didn’t vote for Hillary. Outside of her incredible experience and accomplishments, every major newspaper, former president, Fortune 500 CEO, Bloomberg, non-profit, etc was warning against a Trump presidency. Trump, basically, only had 3 endorsements: Sheldon Adelson's newspaper, trump’s son-in-law’s newspaper and the KKK.

Now we’re fighting every racist, sexist, climate change-denying, Islamophobic, pot-hating cabinet appointment while Trump ignores protocol to hand down *incredible* power to his family and positions himself to make a fortune while in office. Trump isn’t even president yet, and we’re equal parts exhausted and frightened.

Meanwhile he’s already walked back his big promises. The wall is a fence. 11 million deportations is now 2 or 3. Obamacare went from being a disaster to “it has some great parts to it.” You have endangered us all, and you got played by a charlatan.

Fucking fuck fuck. Let me call my senator, congressperson, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell again to say Bannon (senior advisor to the White House) searches out support of white nationalists and shouldn’t have the president’s ear, Sessions (attorney general) is too racist to be top cop and thinks anyone whose smokes pot should be punished, Flynn (national security advisor) hates Muslims, listens to white nationalists and believes fake news, that Trump’s financial holdings should be looked into because of conflicts of interests, that Trump shouldn’t meet with foreign dignitaries in his house without consulting the State department and INVITE HIS KIDS WHO ARE ALSO RUNNING HIS BUSINESS and don’t have security clearances, and who stays in his apartment in 5th Ave which doesn’t have secure phone lines as he talks to world leaders — the very thing everyone was crying bloody murder with Hillary’s email server. Let me sit on the phone all day to get through to them, because this is what life is now.

Fucking fuck fuck. We haven’t even gotten to Trump appointing the head of the EPA yet. Or the FCC, FDA, education, interior… Or the CIA. Or homeland security. Or a Supreme Court justice.

Fucking fuck off. I’m pissed.