Shame on us

Absolutely disgusted at my country today. Trump’s platform was always un-American, but signing an executive order to turn away Muslim refugees is absolutely nauseating.

If Republicans have a shred of respect for the founding fathers, or for the *main principle* this country was founded on, they will repudiate our president.

If you feel safer by Trump’s actions today, you need to lean how intense our vetting process already is. You need to learn what’s powering conflicts around the world, from climate change to civil strife. You need to learn how desperate these families are for safety. You need to be able to look at Anne Frank, hiding in an attic scared for life, and say, “sorry… Our doors are closed to you.”

Finally, you need to meet someone of Muslim faith, because you don’t know one.

This will be a massive blemish on our history. Shame on our country. Shame. Fucking shame on us.


NYC citizen. Author, photographer, thinker.

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