Some Russian math

Donald allows Putin’s friends to hide illegal money by buying Trump apartments. Trump makes cash.

  1. Putin wants to get away with his shit (killing reporters, invading neighboring countries, doubling down on oil/mining, using his friends to launder money). He knows he won’t be able to get away with it under Clinton.
  2. Julian Assange (wikileaks) wants nothing more than to get back to the US, and he knows it’s not going to happen under Hillary. He becomes friendly with Russians.
  3. Comey wants to keep leading the FBI. He knows that won’t happen under Clinton, who he hates.

These three men knew the media wanted to tear Hillary down, obsessed with being *the one* to finally bust the Clintons. So the trio above just had to do little things to make the impossible happen. A press release here. Some private documents released there. American media and voters fell for it.

And now Hillary’s out of the picture. Their puppet/ally is in the oval office. Putin’s going to run rough riot, Trump is going to let Assange make a deal with the DOJ to come back to the US (Assange helped him get elected after all!), and Comey was just offered to continue leading the FBI under Trump (Comey helped him get elected after all!).

Don’t forget: Trump *hasn’t* stepped down from his companies, and he is going to keep helping Russians hide cash around the world in real estate, while taking his cut. In fact, they’ll be looking for even more synergies now that he’s in the most powerful seat in the world.