tl;dr: I sure am crying a lot watching the DNC because Bernie, unity and women.

I wish everyone in the country were tuning into the #DemsinPhilly, because it really is a celebration of USA. There’s an united, hopeful vision with a support network that is incredibly wide and diverse. I know people aren’t tuning in because they don’t believe in the policy or dislike Hillary, but I truly wish they would. I watched every minute of the RNC kinda seething at the mouth, and I don’t know how you watch Philly and seethe at the mouth. I just don’t. The messages couldn’t be more different. But, I applaud you for watching, regardless.

The first night from Sarah Silverman’s handling of Bernie’s “loss” to Corey Booker’s impassioned speech about the quality of this great country. Senator Warren beautifully put an exclamation mark on Bernie and her message of income inequality and corporate greed. Michelle Obama redefined what this race was about in one of the greatest speeches I’ve ever heard. Of course, it was inspiring to see Bernie up there Monday, going through his platform issue by issue, and talking about the evolution of the Democratic platform to meet his vision.

Bernie Sander’s grace and strength is something rarely seen in life, much less in politics. Sticking to his convictions and altering the conversation isn’t easy. Look at how many people danced on their positions and values trying to catch up to Trump, meeting him on the low road when convenient. Bernie stood strong because he knows who he is and is confident where the US *wants* to go.

The states’ voting Roll Call last night was beautiful. It seemed like it’d be a waste of time, but it proved to be anything but. I wanted Bernie to sit there and hear the fruits of his labor. I wanted his voters to be represented. We had a 102 year old woman — born before women had the right to vote — declaring her state’s delegate votes for Hillary. * tears * And when Bernie’s brother — gah, more tears — called votes for Bernie, it’s the stuff love and hard work is made of. Bernie ceding his votes to Hillary at the end… I mean. Whoa. There is so much power in this movement right now.

It’s impossible not to think about all of our daughters, sisters, friends, mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers who only dreamed a woman would be in this position. [Like, I dream my novel Fight for Dawn be turned into a TV show someday… sure, I dream it, but c’mon. It’ll never happen. Maybe in 100 years.]

My mother studied nursing at Boston College because that was the only major women could take at the time. She was captain of the basketball and cheerleading team. Where would she have gone if she had been properly encouraged? What if she had had proper role models? Of course, Jane went back to get a law degree in her 60’s after raising 5 kids, but I can’t help but see her potential paralleled in Hillary. I think my mom would have been an incredible president or doctor or CEO. As it is, she is an incredible mom, so I kinda win that that’s where she ended up. Jane has been an inspiring role model to *every* little boy and girl she’s ever met (she was SUPER super involved in school events/kids lives, she volunteered at a Brazilian orphanage with 5,000 children when my parents lived there and represented families in court in Miami… she’s worked to spread her love wide), but what if she’s had a bigger platform to touch more people? The world would be a better place. It’s just a fact.

And my sister worked with Hillary. Janina was on Secretary Clinton’s travel team, flying with Hillary and coordinating her communications / travel schedule. I’d love to go back to meet my grandmothers when they were little and say, “you’re going to grow up and raise kids that raise a girl who travels the world with a female Secretary of State trying to do good.” Sweet lord, how beautiful.

I have some more speeches to watch from last night — the DVR screwed me over and I’ll be crawling youtube for everything — but I’m feeling the need to express this now… I’m crying at this a lot. I hug my son a little harder when he wakes up in the morning. I need this. He needs this.

Of course, I beam with pride when my wife Dawn leaves for work in the morning. She’s *built* of inspiration. I’ve never known a more beautiful soul, and I’m so happy she gets the career and the voice she deserves. I can’t image her energy being dampened because of lack of options a few generations ago. (I beam with “Dawn pride” all the time, by the way.)

It’s not just my family. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by powerful, diverse, passionate, hard-working female friends, too. I love you all.

I’m not saying we need to vote for Hillary because “women,” that’d be silly. But, I can’t help but enjoy the impact of this nomination on women’s energy and pride. It’s been a long, hard slog and this is the payoff. It’s beautiful. You are all beautiful.

To sum up: While Hillary is not perfect, she’s listening and she’s surrounding herself with a pretty perfect team. We NEED to acknowledge the great accomplishment of having a woman nominated for president. I am more and more confident that Hillary will have the guidance and support necessary to move this country forward. I hope it stays as inspiring as it has been, because this is beautiful. ‪#‎imwithher‬‪#‎imwithwomen‬