Streetwear brand Kith: Content Marketing


After recent high profile collaborations with Coca-Cola and Tommy Hilfiger as well as their recent fashion show with Versace, Kith is making noise in today’s fashion world and driving new customers. However, what many new customers don’t know about the brand is that it started off in 2011 as an apparel and footwear boutique in NYC stocking only other brand’s items. The founder, Ronnie Fieg, took his experience as the head buyer at NYC based footwear retailer David Z and personal taste to curate a stock of product that would go onto creating a cult community supporting the store. Fieg leveraged this following to fuel the launch of Kith’s in-house brand. The brand has continually been building in noticeability among fashion enthusiasts over the past few years thanks to the textbook branding job that Ronnie Fieg has done. Kith’s ability to market and brand itself so effectively has allowed the retail store to evolve into something unforeseeable from the store’s creation.

A particular strategy used by Kith’s E-commerce website to continually strengthen the brand of Kith is an internal blog (which serves as a great marketing tool and acts as a record book for all of the work Kith has done). On the blog, pieces of content are posted that talk about any and all of the new additions to the online web store. There are long pieces, short pieces, posts with videos, posts with lookbooks, and many other combinations that make for interesting content for the brand’s consumers to digest. Whether it be the new Coca-Cola & Kith collaboration or a release of a new pair of converse, a blog post will be created to cover it.

The assortment of blog posts written on Kith’s website benefits the brand in a multitude of ways. By creating a narrative behind new items releasing on the site, more value is added as opposed to simply dropping the new items with no warning. Usually, blog posts are put up on the site a few days before the items are released to give the customer a preview to what is coming and to build hype around the release. This also helps to drive customers towards the website as if a particular customer was looking up where to find a specific item when it is released, they will come across the blog post on Kith’s website which may ultimately lead to an increased number of conversions. The content of the posts also sometimes explains the behind the scenes of a certain drop. About a week before the Tommy Hilfiger x Kith collection was released, a blog post went up on Kith’s website to detail the collection. An accompanying video was also posted that showed a sit down with Ronnie Fieg and Tommy Hilfiger to discuss relevant fashion topics and their collab together. Communicating the story behind these products creates more value in customer’s eyes as the sweatshirt or pair of shoes goes from a regular piece of clothing to an item with a story and rich history behind it. This addition of a narrative behind each collection of products added to the site aligns with the well-tailored selection of product Kith has sold at their store over the years. By blogging about new drops on the website, Kith provides credibility with a metaphoric stamp of approval.

The effectiveness of the Kith’s marketing content lies in how it gives character to elevate the online e-commerce platform into much more than a typical shopping website. There is a clear time investment that goes into each blog post which is very evident when reading through a certain post. Whether the content includes a simple lookbook or a 3 part video series, the post is always meaningful and interesting which brings life to the online platform. It reminds people that there are real people behind the online storefront of Kith which I think creates a lot of value for Kith’s customers.

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