Ways of Preventing Account Takeover

John Diaz
John Diaz
Sep 16 · 2 min read

These days it has become almost like an obvious thing for peoples accounts to be hacked. There has been increased in the cases of people’s or even organizations’ accounts being a takeover by an unknown people hence exposing very sensitive information that later causes a lot of harm. It is the high time we know how to prevent these bad behaviors so that the information that is should not be exposed can still remain confident. Hacking can cause a company a lot during the recovery process as well as damaging the reputation of the company. Steps for preventing account take over.

Step 1: Fortify passwords. It is important for companies to be strict with the type of passwords their clients use before registering their accounts. Strong passwords that are long and complicated should be encouraged to be used before an account registration is allowed. If a client uses easy passwords that can easily be hacked, it is important for a company to deny the registration and suggest to the account owner to use a stronger password. Passwords that have been hacked previously should also be discouraged, it is hard for a criminal to get access to a strong password. Check out at SpyCloud

Step 2: intervene early. In the event that the damage has already happened and the account has been hacked. It is crucial for a company to use sophisticated technology to sense this early so that they can prevent the account from being peddled to the communities of crooks. Once the account has been detected to have been stolen, access to the account should be denied so that these crocked behaviors can be stopped. These can only happen if the companies are using the same improved technology with those used by the criminals; therefore, companies should invest in technology so that they can protect their clients. Visit this website for more tips.

Step 3: stop the bleed. If it is realized that the identifications of the account have been exposed, a swift move should be taken by forcing an instant password reset. The user should be denied access to all the accounts awaiting the change of their password to a strong and distinctive one. When it is realized that the account of the user has been compromised, it is important that he or she is notified to check all other accounts that they are in control so that they can ensure that the passwords are not being used somewhere else. Once a criminal knows your password, he or she will use it on all other accounts you’re using.

Find out more details right here — https://www.britannica.com/technology/security-and-protection-system

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