In the early days of cryptocurrency, crypto exchanges were few are far between, but before long their number increased dramatically forming an integral part of the industry and responsible for the price and volume of the vast majority of cryptocurrency sales and liquidity. In this article I take a closer look at one of the latest contenders, but first let’s look back on the emergence of this critical part of the cryptocurrency market.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

A crypto exchange is an online service which facilitates the trading of digital assets (cryptocurrencies). Various currencies are traded in pairs, the…

By john kenny on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

When I first go into cryptocurrency, I fell for the trend at the time which was to HODL. This was all well and good and as I saw the value of my coins increase, I continued to buy and grow my stack.

However, it soon became apparent in the crypto-winter of 2018 that the value was swiftly decreasing.

I was faced with a stark choice….do I continue to HODL and hope, sell up and get out of crypto or try and improve my holdings in terms of Bitcoin value and forget and the equivalent FIAT value.

I have had a keen interest in the Halo Platform cryptocurrency project for some time and made reference to it in a recent article. Halo Platform is a post-ICO well-established project which many in the know see as a hidden gem with great potential.

Following this article, Scott Morrison (Halo Platform founder) reached out to me to clarify a few of the features. I thought I would take the opportunity and request a formal interview with him to get an inside view of the workings of an evolving cryptocurrency project.

The following is a rough transcript of our conversation. …

Most of us are familiar with and understand the various types of cryptocurrency. We have Store of Value coins such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. Privacy coins like Monero, Dash and Zcash, Utility Tokens that derive their value from providing access to a platform such as social media and Security Tokens.

More recently we have seen the emergence of exchange tokens following on from the success of BNB (the Binance token). …

This is a follow up article to Crypto & Real Estate, a Marriage Made in Heaven?. I have looked at many and varied crypto/real estate projects, but CurveBlock continues to impress. Opening up an otherwise unobtainable sector to the average investor whilst donating profits to charities is a unique design. Set on disrupting an outdated and rather discriminatory industry, CurveBlock are bringing opportunity to the masses.

The idea that ordinary inexperienced people alongside property investment professionals can invest and earn a passive income from the property sector is revolutionary for both the property investment and cryptocurrency space. …

In a previous article I wrote about property development and investment moving into the blockchain space. See

The main attraction being the low levels of financial commitment or knowledge required to get involved and add property development gains to your portfolio, whether you are into the blockchain and cryptocurrency or not. A passive income through property development is now a real and tangible prospect for the masses and not just those in the know.

Real estate development will always be a solid investment opportunity in the future, but it is likely it will be heavily disrupted by the blockchain…

2018 was the year when ICOs died a death. With almost all projects being seriously affected by market conditions, a lack of funding, as well as a host of other issues, the general trend was either failure, extreme price dumping, or forced reversals due to SEC regulatory threats.

In stark contrast to the demise of ICOs, the Security Token market started to gain traction. In previous articles, I wrote about STOs and their role in the cryptocurrency space, Why Should you Invest in Security Tokens.

2019 will be an interesting year for cryptocurrency for sure. No one knows where we are headed and opinions are divided:

  • Will it be a continuation of the bear-market of 2018?
  • Will we experience the long-awaited bull-run and steady growth;
  • Are financial institutions finally going take it seriously and get more involved?
  • Some believe that 2019 will be a year of stabilization, where the wheat is separated from the chaff; causing many projects to crash and burn, whilst others will continue to build their products and take center stage;
  • Will major organizations such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google etc enter the…

Is there a future for social media on the blockchain?

Even after the debacle of the Cambridge Analytica data leak, we continue to hear of new scandals surrounding the Facebook empire. This has lead to a growing need to find alternative platforms where we can trust that our personal data is kept private and secure.

The blockchain and its ‘un-hackable’ nature is the ideal foundation to build new trusted solutions on which we can all have faith.

Since the inception of Bitcoin, there have been a few social media platforms. Some good some bad, some will survive and thrive, and…

The Fight for Bitcoin Cash Supremacy.


Before we get started. This is not FUD, it’s inspired by my observations of the last few days, weeks and months, and my disgust in the conduct of the bad actors involved in the Bitcoin Cash forking fiasco.

Anyone who really believes that cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin is decentralized and democratic needs to seriously look at the recent market events. …

john kenny

25 years in IT with a passion for cryptocurrency, blockchain and all things decentralized.

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